The final episode of 'Adventure By Accident 3' recorded the highest rating of 7.9% per minute.
The final episode of 'Adventure By Accident 3' recorded the highest rating of 7.9% per minute.
MBC's 'Adventure By Accident 3' Kian84, Panibottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon reached the end of their 78,548km journey through South America, India, and Madagascar. The sight of the four brothers gaining precious memories to remember for the rest of their lives and the power to live energetically at the end of a journey in which everyone was the main character decorated the finale with a touching feeling.

In the final episode of MBC's 'Adventure By Accident 3', which aired at 9:10 pm on Sunday the 4th, the final story of 'The Madagas Brothers' unfolded on the 11th day of their trip to Madagascar.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, the viewership rating for episode 10 of 'Around the World 3', which aired on this day, recorded 7.0% in the metropolitan area. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, recorded 2.9% (based on the metropolitan area), with a maximum of 3.5%.

The best minute was the scene where Dex sashimied the 'big mackerel' caught by Panibottle and enjoyed it together, recording the highest rating of 7.9%. The passionate reactions of local sailors who were fascinated by the sight of the four brothers enjoying themselves as adventurers on the cool sea caught the eye.

The ending of 'Adventure By Accident 3', which started in the sea, was also in the sea. The 'Madasa brothers' embarked on their final journey on a ship with a huge sail, as if they were adventurers looking for paradise on earth. Kian84, Panibottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon sailed on the wide and deep sea and made unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Gian84 and Pani Bottle captured memories of their journey in the signature flag of ‘Adventure By Accident’. Dex first served raw fish with fish he caught while fishing for his brothers. Lee Si-eon made chojang by adding seasoning to the red pepper paste he brought himself. The 'four adventurers of four colors' raised the flag together to the slogan, raising expectations for the final trip.

After 6 hours of sailing, we arrived at ‘Iranja Island’ with its beautiful emerald sea. 'Brother Madasa' jumped into the sea upon arrival. While snorkeling, Kian84 screamed with joy when he discovered a huge 'sea turtle', a symbol of good luck. Kian84, who had the rare experience of swimming with many ‘sea turtles’, said, “Everything was just so good. “I really liked the feeling of the four of us being together,” he said, enjoying the healing together.

The ‘Mada Sa Brothers’ spent their last night camping on the beach under the setting sun after playing in the water. Dex made everyone laugh by showing his determination to build a hut. The four brothers grilled pork belly over an open fire, full of fire, using meat they bought at the supermarket, and looked back on their journey so far during a dinner with Lee Si-eon's grilled spaghetti. On the last night, which was all the more meaningful because it was complete, the four of them promised to watch the sunrise together the next day and then each went to sleep.

The trip, which seemed like it would be peaceful, was met with chaos due to weather variables. Due to the tremendous wind and rain, the tent was torn and overturned, creating a scene reminiscent of a disaster movie. Meanwhile, the sight of Kian84 trying to sleep brought laughter. The ‘Madasa Brothers’ managed to evacuate to the production crew’s dormitory. Panibottle burst into laughter at the unpredictable journey until the end, saying, “This is ‘Adventure By Accident 3.’”
The final episode of 'Adventure By Accident 3' recorded the highest rating of 7.9% per minute.
The final episode of 'Adventure By Accident 3' recorded the highest rating of 7.9% per minute.
The next morning, the ‘Madasa brothers’ headed to the sea to watch the sunrise. And by engraving each person's name in the sand, the memories of the 'Madagascar' journey were engraved in their hearts. As the sun rose, Kian84 prayed and expressed gratitude for a safe trip. Lee Si-eon, Dex, Panibottle, and Kian84 sent farewell letters at the end of their Madagascar journey.

Lee Si-eon, who joined late, said, “Every moment I was with (my younger siblings) was precious and happy. “Let’s continue to do well like we have done so far,” he wrote in a letter to his younger siblings. Dex, who suffered from 'burnout' before the trip, gained strength to return to his daily life through his trip to Madagascar and ended his 'Dex Round'. Panibottle burst into tears at the thought of it being the last time. He joined 'Adventure By Accident' thinking it was a supporting role, and expressed his deep affection for 'Adventure By Accident', saying, "Now it has become my journey."

Kian84, the start of 'Adventure By Accident', found meaning in the fact that it was the first sunrise the entire group saw together. He, who was addicted to mannerism and lived a life like a 'farmed flounder', said that through raw travel, he felt alive, saying, "I feel like I have become a natural fish." Kian 84 said to the ‘traveler of life’, who are all travelers by birth, “I hope you can live without regrets. “Isn’t travel all about seeing things you don’t know and encountering unexpected things?” he said, concluding his third circumnavigation of the world.

The three travel mates who enjoyed the journey together for a year also expressed their gratitude. Simon Dominic said, “I wanted to go into the screen the whole time I was watching it,” Jang Do-yeon said, “It was a spectacular yet harmless trip,” and Lee Seung-hoon said, “I thought I wanted to go and find my true self,” expressing his affectionate heart as if representing the viewers’ feelings. .

On an unplanned journey that took him to South America, India, and Africa, Gian84 met precious people on the other side of the world, made unforgettable memories and friendships, and embraced the local life, culture, and world that cannot be experienced anywhere else without prejudice. The world of Kian84, which became wider as he experienced joys and sorrows and felt 'aliveness' during the journey of a total of 78,547 km, also presented a new world to viewers. 'Adventure By Accident' reached its conclusion with the unforgettable 'No. 1 in my heart' that made people look forward to Sunday nights.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google