Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun were recognized
Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun were recognized
Ahn Bo-hyun properly punished the 'bad chaebol' who lost their humanity in front of money.

In episode 3 of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Chaebol It provided a thrilling catharsis. It began its upward trajectory, recording a peak viewership rating of 9.8%, an average rating of 7.2%, and 2.1% in 2049 (based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area).

The broadcast on this day opened with excitement as Lee Soo and Kang Hyeon (played by Park Ji-hyun) caught DN Group's youngest member Cheon Tae-seong (played by Lee Dal), a suspect in the murder of Jeong In-na (played by Cheon Hee-joo). Cheon Tae-seong's investigation process was truly a scene that showed the ugly, bare face of the chaebol family. Cheon Tae-seong aroused public outrage by belittling the deceased victim and complaining of injustice, and further accused his older brother, Cheon Tae-young (played by Kwon Hyeok-beom), of being a criminal by secretly hiding on the yacht in question and using drugs. Cheon Tae-young, who came to the police station after hearing the news, was found to be in possession of drugs at the scene and was arrested immediately. Lee Soo-min (played by Kim Ro-sa), the biological mother of brothers Cheon Tae-seong and Cheon Tae-young and the second wife of DN Group Chairman Cheon Bang-ho (played by Yang Jae-seong), appears. Following the uproar, his first wife Choi Hyun-joo (played by Kim Seon-kyung) and eldest son Cheon Tae-jun (played by Park Hyeong-soo) joined in and boasted(?) of the messy genealogy of the chaebol family, making people laugh.

It was revealed that Cheon Tae-yeong also went to the yacht on the day of the incident, and an intensive investigation into the two brothers began. Cheon Tae-young claimed that he was mentally and physically weak, saying that he was surprised when he saw Jeong Ina while under the influence of drugs and threw her into the water, and that he does not remember what happened afterwards. Accordingly, the first violent team focused on finding the crime scene and evidence. Lee Kang-hyeon guessed that the yacht where the body was found and the actual scene of the incident were different places. At this time, Jin Yi-soo said, "There were scratches on the outside of the yacht," and claimed that the incident occurred on another yacht and that the accident occurred while the boat was brought closer to move the body. Lee Kang-hyun also thought that Jin I-soo's hypothesis made sense, so he went on an on-site investigation together and, as Jin I-soo said, found traces of a recent accident on the yacht.

Afterwards, Jin Yi-su and Lee Kang-hyun investigated from different perspectives. Jin Isu thought that the actions of the DN Group family did not match the habits of an ordinary conglomerate, and predicted that it would not be a simple murder case. Accordingly, we dug up rumors related to the DN Group and as a result, we succeeded in uncovering advanced information that Chairman Cheon was suffering from terminal cancer and that a princely rebellion had been going on for inheritance and the position of the next chairman for six months. On the other hand, while investigating Jeong Ina's whereabouts before her death, Lee Kang-hyeon found out that she had met not only Cheon Tae-seong but also Cheon Tae-jun and Choi Hyeon-ju, and that she had some kind of relationship with Chairman Cheon. In addition, Lee Kang-hyun, who learned that Jeong Ina's mother, who passed away not long ago, was Chairman Cheon's secretary and retired right before Jeong Ina was born, combined it with the information Jin Isu asked and deduced that Jeong Ina was not Chairman Cheon's mistress but an extramarital child. reached. In other words, Jeong Ina was tragically murdered by her half brothers while trying to find out who her father was.

As the puzzle was put together, Cheon Tae-jun, who Jeong Ina contacted just before her death, emerged as a strong suspect. As Cheon Tae-jun also owns a private yacht, his yacht was designated as the scene of the incident. However, Lee Kang-hyun failed to obtain a search warrant and, feeling like crying and eating mustard, decided to use Jin I-soo's conglomerate benefit instead of Jeonggongbeop. Accordingly, Jin Yi-soo infiltrated Cheon Tae-jun's yacht and received remote instructions from Lee Kang-hyeon to conduct a luminol test, where he discovered blood traces and fingerprints that appeared to belong to the real culprit, which were crucial evidence. Jin Yi-soo, who was almost discovered by the patrolling yacht manager, used his wits to deceive the manager by acting drunk and made up for the situation, causing laughter. And it was a surprising twist as it was revealed that the owner of the fingerprint was Choi Hyun-joo's secretary, Park Jong-wook (played by Kim Nak-gyun).

In a situation where Choi Hyun-joo was revealed as the instigator and Park Jong-wook as the executioner, it was revealed that the two were trying to flee overseas, and the first powerful team was put on alert. They quickly chased Choi Hyun-joo's car heading to the private plane airport, but Choi Hyun-joo's car suffered an accident while escaping and was stuck in a traffic jam, putting him in danger of losing the car. At this time, Jin Isu brought out an ambitious flex item. Jin Yi-soo and Lee Kang-hyeon chased after Choi Hyun-joo's group in his private helicopter, and after spotting Choi Hyun-joo's car, he rammed the car with the helicopter's legs and gave them refreshing cider. However, Choi Hyun-joo's group did not stop running away, and at this time, Lee Kang-hyun, who risked his life to catch the criminal, jumped out of the helicopter and exploded the tires of Choi Hyun-joo's car with live ammunition, successfully arresting the two people.

Choi Hyun-joo confessed to all his crimes, but this was not the end. Jin Yi-su suddenly went to visit Chairman Cheon’s second wife, Lee Su-min. In a situation where all the evidence points to Park Jong-wook as the culprit, Jin Yi-soo, who was not sure why Choi Hyun-joo chose to run away with him rather than cut off, decided that the real culprit was Cheon Tae-jun and that Lee Soo-min, who was watching his every move, would have the evidence. Jin Yi-soo coaxed Lee Soo-min to obtain a transcript containing the facts of Cheon Tae-jun's crime, and revealed that this was all Cheon Tae-jun's ploy to swallow up the DN Group whole by himself, giving a thrilling thrill.

As a result, Jin Yi-soo succeeded in arresting the real culprit and confidently won the investigative battle with Lee Kang-hyeon and was recognized as a member of the powerful team 1. Lee Kang-hyun, who had started to stop Jin I-soo's pace without even realizing it, tried to deny Jin I-soo's investigative power, but made everyone laugh by showing that he had become a little closer to Jin I-soo as they went through the hardships together. Moreover, when Jin Yi-soo became the resident of Jeong E-na, who was unable to attend the funeral due to unrelated deaths, and even held the funeral, he began to view Jin I-su differently, raising expectations for a full-fledged cooperation investigation between the two in the future. Meanwhile, at the end of the play, Jin Yi-soo visits the solo exhibition of famous painter Noh Young-jae (played by Lee Hwang-ui) and discovers the artist's body in one corner of the exhibition hall.
Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google