Kim Ho-jung, delivery food costs 400,000 won per day
Kim Ho-jung, delivery food costs 400,000 won per day
Singer Kim Ho-joong reappears on SBS' 'My Little Old Boy' after 4 years.

Singer Kim Ho-joong will appear on SBS' 'My Little Old Boy', which will air on the 28th, and is expected to capture the hearts of not only the Avengers but also viewers.

On this day, Kim Ho-jung received an explosive response from the Movengers as soon as he appeared in the studio, heating up the atmosphere at the scene. Kim Ho-joong, who usually calls everyone under 100 years old 'sister', showed off his skills as a flirting craftsman by sending a sensible New Year's greeting to the Movengers, saying, "Happy New Year, sisters." In addition, Kim Ho-jung made the Movengers' hearts flutter by passionately singing 'The Shining Person', a song requested by mothers.

Kim Ho-joong, who appeared as 'The Ugly Someone Else' on 'My Ugly Baby' four years ago and garnered attention by showing off his unique mukbang, surprised everyone by revealing that he spent 400,000 won on daily food delivery alone. In particular, it is said that everyone was tongue-tied when Kim Ho-joong's unique meal routine, which started in the morning, was revealed. As if the all-day delivery food relay wasn't enough, Movengers were astonished when the unusually large menu ordered at dawn was revealed. Attention is being paid to what Kim Ho-jung's all-time meal routine will look like.

Then, Kim Ho-joong confessed that in order to succeed in dieting this year, there was something he boldly gave up as soon as January 1st. He boldly deleted ‘this’, which was the most precious thing in Kim Ho-jung’s cell phone. MC Seo Jang-hoon, who heard Kim Ho-jung's confession, repeatedly expressed surprise, saying, "Is it true that you deleted it?" Movengers also acknowledged the effect of the diet to Kim Ho-jung, saying, “I lost weight.” What is the identity of ‘this’ that led Kim Ho-jung, the famous foodie, to diet success, can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google