The future and destiny predicted by a shaman?... SBS entertainment, stop talking about fortune telling
The future and destiny predicted by a shaman?... SBS entertainment, stop talking about fortune telling
≪Choi Ji-ye’s Epilogue≫
Reporter Choi Ji-ye of Ten Asia objectively and keenly points out events that have occurred throughout the entertainment industry. We carefully analyze the ‘glitch’ you missed from a reporter’s perspective.

There is an item called ‘bone soup’ that broadcasters frequently bring up. These are ‘shaman’, ‘fortune-telling’, etc. In particular, there are concerns that 'shamanism' and 'fortune telling' cards, which are repeated ad nauseam during the New Year, will incite the public and have a negative impact.

The broadcaster that uses the shaman card the most is SBS. SBS frequently featured shamanic episodes through various programs such as the entertainment program 'My Little Old Boy', 'Same Bed Different Dreams', and 'Single for Men'. In 'My Little Old Boy', which aired on the 14th, an episode was depicted in which actor Lee Dong-gun and comedian Kim Jun-ho visit a Buddhist temple to read their fortunes for the New Year. The shaman predicted the future of Lee Dong-gun and Kim Jun-ho and mentioned in detail their luck in marriage, divorce, and children. In particular, the shaman said of Lee Dong-gun, "He is a very lonely man," and shed tears as if he sensed his fate.

Prior to this, singer Jin Jin and Ryu Yi-seo couple visited the philosophy center through 'Same Bed, Different Dreams' to look at compatibility, couple luck, etc., and in 'Single for Men', a physiognomist appeared and commented on the members' physiognomy. In addition, there were several SBS entertainment episodes in which shamans and magicians appeared.

It's not just 'My Little Old Boy'. MBC's entertainment program 'What Do You Do When You Play?' celebrated the New Year of 2024 and revealed the New Year's fortunes of each member, including broadcaster Yoo Jae-seok, and even made a Tarot Master appear to listen to prophecies about the future. KBS Joy's entertainment program 'Ask Anything' is a program in which the program listens to the story of the storyteller and gives advice, but the concept is shamanism.

Some argue that shamanism can be naturally accepted, saying it is close to a type of culture that has been deeply rooted since ancient times. There is also an opinion that it is not unreasonable to use such material in entertainment within the framework of providing fun.

However, it is a very different story for an individual to find a shaman in the private sphere and for such information to be disclosed and disseminated through the mass media.

The biggest problem is that the words of shamans, which have not been scientifically verified, are combined with the credibility of the broadcast and are seen as grounded and trustworthy. There is a possibility that the public exposed to broadcasts may misunderstand shamanism and magic as if they are magical truths and may blindly believe in them. The problem becomes even bigger when stars you envy or like listen to shamans talk about the future and respond with trust.

Furthermore, such broadcasts provide significant promotional effects to the shamans who appear. In fact, many shamans use photos from broadcasts as an excellent sales tool. There are many cases where people are deceived by this and look for the shaman in question.

It is a well-known fact that the prophecies of shamans are absolutely not correct and have no scientific basis. Humans cannot know the future. That's why you work hard every day and move toward your goal one step at a time. The reason we live each day faithfully is because we know that each person's future and destiny are not determined, but are something we must pioneer and achieve.

Nevertheless, many broadcasting companies are giving strength to the words of shamans and fortunetellers who conclude that your future and destiny are like this or that. As a broadcasting company that must pursue the public interest, whether or not it is right to plan an entertainment show based on this kind of material is a question we must think deeply about.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google