Honey J "My daughter's love is motivation"
Honey J "My daughter's love is motivation"
Honey J, who returned 100 days after giving birth, made a successful bid as a super mom who does everything from dancing to raising children.

Episode 510 of KBS2's 'The Return of Superman (hereinafter referred to as Superman)', which aired on the 15th, featured narration by So Yoo-jin and Honey J in the episode 'Watch carefully~ This is the parenting of a super mom.' Honey J, who appeared for the first time as a member of the 'Shodol' family on this day, showed a daily life full of hips and excitement with his 9-month-old daughter Love.

Honey J, a 24-year-old dancer, devoted herself to preparing for the concert even after giving birth and showed off her powerful dancing skills. He attracted attention by showing the temperature difference between a 'dancer' and a 'mother', such as looking at his daughter Love, who came to the practice room with him, with eyes dripping with honey. At the same time, Honey J advised junior dancers, “You can still be hip even if you have a baby.”

Honey J held her daughter Love and performed a dazzling moonwalk lullaby, causing laughter with a new concept of parenting. She revealed her inner feelings at the time when she performed while pregnant. Honey J said, "I wondered when I would be able to dance with a full stomach, and it was meaningful to be a team with Love." It was touching to reveal that pregnancy was not an obstacle for the dancer, but a unique memory with her daughter.

Honey J then headed to her mother's house with her daughter Love. Honey J went into parenting mode by changing diapers and feeding baby food, and Love exploded the energy of mother and daughter with a smile as adorable as her name and excitement just like her mother. During this process, Honey J said, "People around me were worried about my career being cut short, and it was easy to say, 'This is the end,' but I never thought that way," and spoke about a new life unfolding due to childbirth.

Honey J said, “I wanted to prove that love is a motivator, not a hindrance,” revealing both his passion for his career and his love for his daughter Love. Honey J then went on the concert stage and was seen dancing happier than anyone else. Honey J said, "I want to be a proud mother when Love grows up," and revealed that the driving force behind her hard work is her daughter Love.

Kim Jun-ho's son Eun-woo revealed his goal for the new year, which he picked on the spot from a fortune book: to upgrade himself as much as possible. Accordingly, the trio of Kim Jun-ho, Eun-woo, and Jeong-woo left for Sokcho, the furthest distance of their trip so far. Among them, Eunwoo and Jungwoo shed their titles as the strongest gentlemen brothers and radiated vibrant energy in keeping with their goal. While heading to Sokcho, the father and son visited the nursing room to solve Jeongwoo's belly button problem. However, Kim Jun-ho was completely distracted by Eun-woo's increased activity level, and ended up laughing as he couldn't continue his words, saying, "You guys have really upgraded. Your activity level is no joke."

The three parents visited Sokcho Market, which is full of things to see and eat. Eunwoo chose a pink scarf and red earmuffs at a store filled with winter gear, showing off a fresh and refreshing vibe with a firm choice befitting a strawberry lover. Next, Eun-woo, who met the delicacies of Sokcho's mountains and seas, showed off his excellent command of sentences and held a chatting party. Eunwoo accurately pointed to the squid sundae and showed off his detailed vocabulary by asking for the desired size, saying, “Please cut this into small pieces,” and saying, “What was this?” and “It’s spicy.” Not only that, when Kim Jun-ho apologized for giving him hot food by mistake, Eun-woo even showed his dignified side by comforting his father by saying, "It's okay."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google