Hwang Kwang-hee "I pick Im Si-wan, who appears in 'Squid Game 2', as my travel partner"
Hwang Kwang-hee "I pick Im Si-wan, who appears in 'Squid Game 2', as my travel partner"
Making friends around the world through K-games The idol brothers Hwang Kwang-hee and Son Dong-pyo of the 'singer line' of 'I Am Ground' revealed a Q&A full of pride about 'K-games'.

'I Am Ground', which is scheduled to air simultaneously on ENA Channel and Channel S on January 23, depicts the process of becoming one with friends from all over the world with different languages and nationalities through 'K-Games'. For the program, Hwang Kwang-hee, a 'hack-in-house guy', said, "I asked people around me what games these days are 'in-house games' and 'MZ games'." In addition, 'MZ icon' Son Dong-pyo also shared his thorough preparation process before the trip, saying, "I practiced the game with members of my group 'Future Boy'."

Hwang Gwang-hee gave mixed reviews, choosing his eldest brother Lee Sang-yeop as the 'Game King' and Son Dong-pyo as the 'official hole'. And, as expected from being an idol, Hwang Kwang-hee showed confidence in singing and dancing games such as 'listen to humming and guess the song, and guess the point choreography.' On the other hand, Son Dong-pyo shared an unexpected story: “When I played a game with Greek locals, I was embarrassed because there were many people who were better than me.”

Below is a Q&A with Hwang Kwang-hee and Son Dong-pyo.

Q. What made you decide to appear or why?
Hwang Kwang-hee: Actually, I decided to appear on it because it was a travel program, and I was really happy when I heard that I would go to Greece. And I heard that you play games, and since I like games themselves, I decided without hesitation that I would be really happy playing them.
Son Dong-pyo: Although it was unfamiliar to me to go on a trip with my seniors and play ‘K-games’ with the locals, I decided to participate with the expectation that I would be able to make fun memories.

Q. The ‘four brothers’ chemistry’ is raising fans’ expectations. How was your breathing?
Hwang Kwang-hee: When we do an interview like this, we all have to say that we got along well, but the truth is that we each have different personalities and because it was the first time we met as a group of four, there were some shaky parts in the beginning. However, as we played the game, our chemistry gradually improved, and eventually we developed a relationship where we could get to know each other just by looking at each other's eyes.
Dongpyo Son: From the first time we met, we all got along so well that I thought it was fate. I feel like we have become closer and work well together while traveling and playing games together, so I hope we can work together again next time if we get the chance.

Q. This is a program with a unique concept of making friends through ‘K-games’ while traveling abroad. Did you prepare anything special for this?
Hwang Gwang-hee: I looked into what ‘K-games’ were, and since I needed to know the rules of the game, I also studied the rules. I even asked people around me what games were fun, really. I asked young friends around me and friends who know a lot about ‘K-games’, “What games do you play when you get together with your friends these days?” and “Which games are ‘popular games’ or ‘MZ games’?”
Dongpyo Son: I studied travel destinations and found out what games were available. There are foreign members in our group, so we prepared by playing games and practicing with the ‘Future Boy’ members.

Q. What game are you most confident in? Or, if there is a game you haven't played that you would like to add, please introduce it.
Hwang Kwang-hee: I am an idol and have consistently been an MC on music shows. So, I am most confident in playing games where I hum while listening to music through a headset and have the other person guess what song it is. Also, I think I might be best at a game where I have to guess the point choreography myself.
Dongpyo Son: Before I went to Greece and played with the locals, I was most confident in 'I Am Ground', but when I played the game with them, I was surprised to see that there were many people who were better than me. Please check that part through the broadcast.

Q. Among the four brothers, who would you pick as ‘Game King’ and ‘Official Hole’?
Gwanghee Hwang: Dongpyo was the best because he was ‘MZ’, but surprisingly, Sangyeop was really good at the game and played it with great passion. And if I had to pick an 'official hole', I couldn't do it either, but Mingyu... Mingyu is a friend who really enjoys playing games, but I don't think he was very good at it. But what is a game, folks! Aren’t you enjoying it? And this is really asking too many questions.
Son Dong-pyo: I think our eldest, senior Sang-yeop, is the ‘official hole’, and senior Kwang-hee is the ‘game king.’

Q. If you were to invite a guest other than the current members, who would you want to go with?
Hwang Kwang-hee: I think the guest I want to go with is my best friend, Im Si-wan. Because when I introduced various ‘K-Games’ to my local friends in Greece, they often talked about the ‘Squid Game’. Siwan also appears in ‘Squid Game Season 2’, so I think it will be a lot of fun if you go with Siwan.
Dongpyo Son: Anyone who likes travel and games is welcome.

Q. What is the unique charm of ‘I Am Ground’? Why should you watch this program?
Kwanghee Hwang: People from different languages and cultures met for the first time and communicated only through ‘K-games’, and there was joy in that, but also sadness when they parted ways… I really felt like we had become real friends. I think that's the charm of 'I Am Ground'. And, if you watch this program, you will be able to feel that there are so many fun things about 'K-games' and that you can have such a fun time with just 'K-games' without the need for any other tools. I think that after watching our broadcast, you will probably get together with people around you and play these games. We would appreciate it if you could all have fun together.
Dongpyo Son: I think the unique concept of making friends through ‘K-games’ while traveling abroad is the special charm of ‘I Am Ground.’ Please look forward to seeing if the real ‘K-Game’ was able to help local people become friends with us.

'I Am Ground', a scene where Lee Sang-yeop, Hwang Kwang-hee, Kim Min-gyu, and Son Dong-pyo become one with friends from around the world through 'K-Game', will be aired simultaneously on ENA and Channel S at 8:30 pm on January 23.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google