Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il's reunion with Hiddink has come true.
Ahn Jung-hwan and Kim Nam-il's reunion with Hiddink has come true.
'We Must Come Together 3', which is devoted to soccer, left a deep impression with the historic meeting of Hiddink, Park Hang-seo, Ahn Jung-hwan, and Kim Nam-il.

In JTBC's 'We Must Come Together 3' broadcast on the 14th, 'Somehow the Avengers' went to the Netherlands, the second country for the A-match, and provided a variety of fun, from a special time with 'eternal great' coach Hiddink to a match against 'FC Blue-White'. did.

The reunion of soccer living legends who reached the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup warmed hearts. First, at PSV Eindhoven's home stadium, 'Somehow Avengers' coach Ahn Jung-hwan and national coach Kim Nam-il met their mentor, coach Hiddink, and drew attention with a touching three shot.

They moved to the locker room and started talking in earnest. Coach Hiddink counted Coach Ahn Jung-hwan and National Coach Kim Nam-il as important people to him and touched his heart by saying, “The time we spent together was so beautiful.”

Coach Ahn Jung-hwan, who calls Coach Hiddink “Father,” also expressed his thoughts, saying, “It feels like I’ve met my father for the first time in a long time.” National Coach Kim Nam-il was relieved to see Coach Hiddink healthy, saying, “I’m glad you look good.”

Director Park Hang-seo appeared as a surprise event for director Ahn Jung-hwan, adding to the joy. Coach Hiddink, who was moved to tears at the reunion after a long time, was unable to speak for a while, and Coach Park Hang-seo also burst out crying, which he had been holding back, stimulating the tears of those watching. In the broadcast on the 21st, interest was raised by predicting that Coach Hiddink and Park Hang-seo would expose Coach Ahn Jung-hwan.

The ‘Somehow Avengers’ got off to a good start with a 7-0 win in their first match in the Netherlands A-match. 'Somehow Avengers' continued to press and actively fight from the beginning of the first half, showing a close match with 'FC Blue-White'.

Meanwhile, the opposing goalkeeper came out of the penalty box and used his hands, receiving a red card and being sent off. Accordingly, the opposing team, which did not have a candidate goalkeeper, had a playing coach guard the goal and run the game with 10 players, giving the 'Somehow the Avengers' advantage.

Starting with Lim Nam-gyu's first goal, Lee Jun-i, Ryu Eun-gyu, and Kim Hyun-woo, who was making his first international appearance, each scored a goal, widening the gap to 4-0. Ryu Eun-gyu and Kim Hyun-woo then added one goal each, bringing the total to six goals in the first half alone. Later, in the second half, Lim Nam-gyu calmly scored a goal off a ball that bounced off the opponent's foot, resulting in a complete 7-0 victory, giving National coach Kim Nam-il his first win in an international match.

As a result, attention is being paid to whether the 'Somehow Avengers', who fired the first congratulatory shot in the Netherlands, can maintain an undefeated record like they did in Japan.

The broadcast viewership rating on this day was 4.5% nationwide and 4.3% in the metropolitan area based on Nielsen Korea paying households. The target audience rating for men and women in the metropolitan area between 2049 and 2049 recorded 1.6%.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google