Shin Hyun-bin, jealous of Jung Woo-sung's ex-girlfriend Kim Ji-hyun
Shin Hyun-bin, jealous of Jung Woo-sung's ex-girlfriend Kim Ji-hyun
Jung Woo-sung faced his past.

In episode 14 of Genie TV's original 'Tell Me You Love Me', which was released on the 9th, Cha Jin-woo (played by Jung Woo-sung) was depicted reorganizing his past memories.

On this day, Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun (played by Shin Hyun-bin) put aside their relationship anxiety for a while and returned to their old days. Meanwhile, Jeong Mo-eun discovered a faded photo in Cha Jin-woo's studio. The photo said to have been found in front of the door of the orphanage with Cha Jin-woo showed a woman sitting on the floor and holding a newborn baby. Cha Jin-woo, who said there was no place he hadn't been while holding a photo of his mother, smiled faintly and said, "I was looking for me here from a very far away." Instead of saying anything else, Jeong Mo-eun gently comforted his shoulder.

On the last day of her solo exhibition, Jeong Mo-eun had always cared about the elderly woman who shed tears while looking at Cha Jin-woo's painting. Jeong Mo-eun, who had received his contact information, contacted him to give him a catalog as a gift. However, the person who showed up on the day of the appointment was not her, but her husband, Man-ho Gong (played by Seung-cheol Lee). He was curious about what kind of person Cha Jin-woo was, and explained the reason for his special interest by saying, "There is one name that my wife can't forget. That is Cha Jin-woo. I asked because it was the same name as this artist."

That night, Jeong Mo-eun, who was on her way to meet Cha Jin-woo, found him with Song Seo-kyung (played by Kim Ji-hyun) again. In the end, Jeong Mo-eun turned her back, unable to stand in front of them. The story the two were sharing was unexpected. On the same day, Song Seo-kyung heard from Kwon Do-hoon (played by Park Ki-deok) that during the fire incident at the art college, Cha Jin-woo stayed until the end to find himself in the flames. “I knew full well that you were looking for me, but I kept thinking of you leaving me alone in the fire, so I hated you so much,” said Song Seo-kyung. “Maybe at that time, I was looking for an excuse to break up with you. In fact, I was running away. “I wanted to,” he said, revealing his true feelings that he had hidden for a long time. Through this, Cha Jin-woo finally understood Song Seo-kyung's feelings at the time when she wanted to run away from all the moments she had to endure alone.

Jeong Mo-eun, who had no way of knowing this, could not bear the repeated encounters between the two. After much deliberation, he met separately with Song Seo-kyung and carefully expressed his discomfort. Song Seo-kyung said, "Jin-woo, you have just begun to show your world as an artist. There is probably no curator who can understand that world better than me. I am not unaware of your uncomfortable feelings, but I am doing the most important work for Jin-woo right now. “I think, I’m more confident in that than anyone else,” he said, without giving up. Song Seo-kyung, who seemed to know Cha Jin-woo better and needed him more than she, who was just jealous, confused Jeong Mo-eun. However, Song Seo-kyung's heart when she saw him was equally heavy. At Cha Jin-woo's studio, which I visited on a rainy day, I confirmed his unwavering feelings that he hoped that Jeong Mo-eun would be his 'last love'.

In order to shake off her complicated feelings, Jeong Mo-eun decided to go on a trip alone. But just before departure, I received a call from Gong Man-ho. His wife really wants to see Jeong Mo-eun because of the gift she received the other day. The place I went to at his request was the hospital. Gong Man-ho said that his wife was hospitalized with dementia and calmly explained about his wife's first child, who had been sent to an adoption agency due to unavoidable circumstances. His wife did not remember Jeong Mo-eun, whom she met again. However, the response to Jeong Mo-eun's question, "Don't you remember the name Cha Jin-woo?" was different. “My husband said he thought Jin-woo would be better than Sang-woo. My husband’s name is Cha Sang-jin, and my name is Go Woo-hee. I took them one letter at a time,” he said, with a faint smile on his face as if he was recalling a warm old memory.

Jeong Mo-eun's hunch that Go Woo-hee (played by Cha Mi-kyung) would be Cha Jin-woo's mother turned out to be correct. The house in the photo that Cha Jin-woo had was still there in the 'our house address' written separately by Go Woo-hee. Jeong Mo-eun sent the picture of the house to Cha Jin-woo. Cha Jin-woo's appearance, finally facing the past he wanted to know so much, stimulated curiosity about the changes that would come to him.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google