Cha Eun-woo reaffirms his feelings with Park Gyu-young
Cha Eun-woo reaffirms his feelings with Park Gyu-young
Park Gyu-young regained her memories of Cha Eun-woo.

In the 13th episode of MBC's Wednesday drama 'Lovely Dogs Again', which aired on the 3rd, it was revealed that Cho-young (played by Kim Yi-kyung) from her previous life committed suicide to save Soo-hyeon (played by Cha Eun-woo) and Mak-soon (played by Park Gyu-young).

Han Hae-na (played by Park Gyu-young), who lost her previous memories in exchange for breaking the curse, was puzzled when Jin Seo-won (played by Cha Eun-woo) did not turn into a dog after kissing her. Afterwards, when Hae-na continued to avoid him, Seo-won told him his sincerity, saying, “I will wait. Until you find the missing piece.”

Hae-na gradually regains her memories of Seowon thanks to a photo discovered by her uncle Dong-cheol (played by Hae-joon Kim). Hae-na visited Bo-gyeom (played by Lee Hyun-woo) and asked him to restore her memories, and hinted at an unusual development by accepting Lee Bo-gyeom's request to call Cho-young a dead mountain.

Min Ji-ah (played by Kim Yi-kyung), who realized that Bo-gyeom's revenge was reaching its end, advised Seo-won that he should not send Hae-na to the mountains. In addition, as they resolved to find out why the shadows of their past lives continued to appear, attention was focused on how their intertwined fates would unfold.

Hae-na, who realized that Seo-won was a precious person, approached Seo-won first and gave her an apple. The two overcame Bogyeom's curse and reaffirmed their feelings for each other. Hae-na then revealed her will to go to Bogyeom's Mountain to regain her lost memories, and headed to Bogyeom's Mountain with Seowon.

Even though Hae-na's memories of Seowon disappeared, Bogyeom became very angry as the two became closer, so he released a large dog into the mountain and started chasing Seowon and Hae-na. The imminent atmosphere made those watching sweaty, and after a while, an amazing development followed in which the secret of the past life was revealed.

Maksun, who was threatened by military soldiers over Choyeong's whereabouts, used Deokgu to find out Choyeong's location. However, Mak-sun stayed by Su-hyeon's side to save her owner, Cho-young, until the end. When Cho-young was in danger of killing Mak-sun, Hae-na, and Mak-soon's child because of him, he surprised everyone by making the extreme decision of stabbing himself in the stomach. did. In particular, even Soo-hyeon, who was injured in a confrontation with soldiers, ended her life in Mak-soon's arms, making those watching feel sorry for her.

Bogyeom was greatly frustrated by the shocking truth of that day surrounding Choyoung's death. Bo-Gyeom and Cho-Young's impossible love brought tears to everyone's eyes, and the sight of Cho-Young comforting and comforting Bo-Gyeom left a lasting impression on the small screen.

At that time, Seowon and Hae-na, who were being chased by the big dogs unleashed by Bogyeom, did their best to run away, but were quickly caught up. In response, Seowon, despite the dog's trauma, wrapped Hae-na's body in clothes just to protect her. The moment the dog lunged at the two, Bogyeom's curse was lifted and the mountain god's revenge came to an end.

At the end of the broadcast, Hannah's memories of her vow came back like a miracle, making viewers' hearts flutter. The strong love between the two was confirmed through the affectionate embrace of Haena, who regained her memory, and Seowon, who sighed in relief when he saw her.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google