Kim Ho-joong brings hope to Kenya
Kim Ho-joong brings hope to Kenya
Singer Kim Ho-joong visited Kenya.

tvN's 'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting', which will be aired on the 24th, is a campaign program designed to help all children around the world find hope once again. Cognitive psychologist Professor Kyung-il Kim and MCs Seok-jun Han and Ga-in Han look at the situation of children who are in danger of survival and share their expert opinions and talk about why children need help.

In episode 1, singer Kim Ho-joong heads to the Turkana desert region in Kenya, where the worst drought in 40 years has struck. In the Turkana region, which has been hit hard by the climate crisis, both the upper and lower reaches of the river have dried up and no trace of water can be found, even though it is the rainy season. Turkana nomads, whose main economic activity is livestock farming, are facing threats to their survival as their animals die.

Kim Ho-jung meets children who are surviving day after day on the dry land. We look at the situation of children who drink water mixed with dirt and suspended matter to survive, and children who suffer from poor medical conditions and malnutrition. It will support the precious dream of a child who endures a five-hour journey to collect drinking water to survive, and will draw the attention of viewers so that he does not lose hope.

The production team said, “Singer Kim Ho-joong, who has been actively engaged in donation activities, goes to the Turkana desert region in Kenya, which is suffering from abnormal climate such as droughts and floods, to communicate and volunteer with children and talk to viewers about the importance of interest and support. Children in crisis.” “To help them dream of this hopeful tomorrow, we will even gift them a sweet song that expresses our support for their dreams, so please watch along with us.”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google