Jun Hyun-moo recalled a 'cold sweat date' with his ex-girlfriend.
Jun Hyun-moo recalled a 'cold sweat date' with his ex-girlfriend.
Jun Hyun-moo, who witnessed '99 Captain' Ra Seon-wook's date on U+Mobile TV and KBS' mystery reality show 'Search Me', recalled his date with his ex-girlfriend.

In 'Search Me', which will be released on KBS2 on the 28th, '99 Captain' Na Seon-wook, who leads the MZ trend, appears as a player and sets out to find his best friend, a prodigy who has been a beginner for 3 months. Ra Seon-wook started his date with his girlfriend in a movie trap prepared by ‘Master Moo’ Jun Hyun-moo. Even though the girlfriend and Ra Seon-wook were seeing each other for the first time, they continued to play the situation without hesitation, and the two seemed to be having a normal date.

However, on the menu that my girlfriend asked me to buy because she was hungry, the rice ball lunch box was 500,000 won, the sushi was 400,000 won, and the hamburger was 400,000 won. Son Dong-pyo was shocked when he saw the menu at the ultra-expensive 'Jun Hyun-moo's table' restaurant, saying, "I had so much fun eating this that I opened my eyes and cut my nose." Meanwhile, Ra Seon-wook, who misunderstood the price tag, excitedly ordered the menu that his girlfriend wanted to eat. Ra Seon-wook was shocked when the food that came out after waiting was a miniature food and 1.3 million won was withdrawn in an instant. When Ra Seon-wook complained about the expensive menu, his girlfriend was disappointed and asked, “Do you feel sorry for your brother?”, and Ra Seon-wook quickly began to appease her.

Jun Hyun-moo, who was watching the scene, said, “When I was a college student, I went to a high-end restaurant. But the price... it ended up costing a week's worth of dates all at once. “So I just kept repeating to the employee, ‘There are no seats?’, ‘Are there any?’, ‘Why aren’t there any?’ and then I came back out,” he said, confessing the moment when he confronted the employee who said there was a seat for him. Eunji Lee was worried about the employee, saying, “That person must have been scared.” In response, Jeon Hyun-moo said, “I acted in a truly natural way. Cold sweat ran down my back. Because I really didn't have any money... “He recalled, arousing regret.

The scene of Na Seon-wook's 'Movie Trap', which reminded Jun Hyun-moo of memories(?) with his ex-girlfriend from college, can be seen on the mystery reality show 'Search Me', which will be broadcast on KBS2 at 9:45 pm on the 28th. ‘Search Me’ can now be watched directly on U+Mobile TV.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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