Park Ji-hoon, another personality and love interest
Park Ji-hoon, another personality and love interest
KBS2's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Love Story' will depict a heartbreaking love story amidst boiling hatred and revenge.

‘Fantasy Sonata’ is a fantasy historical drama romance between a man with two conflicting personalities and a woman who loves him, between fresh love and fierce obsession. It is based on a webtoon of the same name.

The heartbreaking love story between Park Ji-hoon, who takes on the role of Prince Sajo Hyeon and his second personality Ak-hee, and Hong Ye-ji, who plays Yeonwol, the fallen royal grandson who dreams of revenge, stimulates the interest of prospective viewers even before the first broadcast. Furthermore, expectations are reaching a peak for the expanded character relationships between Ji-woo, who plays Geum-hwa, the princess of desire, and Han Eun-seong, who plays Ji Jeon-seo, a pure-hearted bodyguard who has loved her since childhood.

Sajo-hyeon and Ak-hee are conflicting personalities in one body, but when they meet Yeonwol and fall in love, they confront each other as romantic enemies. On the other hand, Yeonwol lost her family in a revolt and lived as an assassin, but one day, without her knowledge, she became the concubine Eunhyobi. It stimulates curiosity as to how much stronger and more intense Sajo Hyeon and Akhee, who are constantly fighting against their egos, will become in order to win the heart of a woman, and what the strange love triangle they will create will look like.

Meanwhile, Crown Princess Geumhwa is the embodiment of ambition who wants to continue the relationship of a loveless couple solely in order to become empress, and tries to eliminate Eunhyobi, who threatens her position. Ji Jeon-seo, who guards Geum-hwa's side, became the crown prince's bodyguard according to his needs, and is a pure-hearted person who considers his own life to be nothing more than a leaf for Geum-hwa. As such, attention is being paid to where the arrows of love that are misaligned surrounding the four characters will point to, and to the heart-wrenching love story that the young actors will portray.

‘Fantasy Sonata’ will premiere on January 2, 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google