The final of 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' will be broadcast live.
The final of 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' will be broadcast live.
Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2' meets fans from around the world through a live final broadcast.

The production team of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2 (hereinafter referred to as 'Sgirlpa 2') said, "The final scene, which will be broadcast live today (Tuesday, the 26th) at 10 PM, will be broadcast live on YouTube channel The CHOOM and Mnet Plus. ) can be viewed through global live streaming.”

In the final live broadcast on this day, four teams, Team 1MILLION, Team HOOK, Team JAM REPUBLIC, and Team MANNEQUEEN, will go on stage to determine the final winning team. As it is a season that has expanded globally, the final live broadcast on this day, where the 'World Class Top 10 Dance Crew' is born, is expected to be broadcast live around the world, increasing the immersion of global fans.

The final live broadcast will be held in two rounds, ‘Sgirlpa with Master Mission’ and ‘World Class Teenager Mission’. In the first round, 'Sgirlpa with Master Mission', 4 teams of masters and teenage dancers perform a legendary performance together, marking the culmination of the growth narrative. In Team 1 Million, Lia Kim and Master Harimu are scheduled to appear in person, and special guests are announced along with Master in Team Hook, Team Jam Republic, and Team Mannequin, raising curiosity about the final stage.

The second round of the final is the ‘World Class Teenager Mission’, which will showcase the potential of teenage dancers. Each team plans to fill the live broadcast scene with excitement with an unrivaled stage equipped with their secret weapon. First, Team 1Million, which has a large number of talented people in various genres, from correo and waacking to hitting, aims to win with an energetic and unexpected stage. Another point to keep an eye on is whether Kwon Kyung-min and Shim Ha-neul (Team 1 Million members), along with Yoon In-jeong from Season 1 of 'SGulpa', can write a championship story this season.

Team Hook, with its hip-hop vibe, announced a transformation into a stage full of creativity and ideas, and Team Jam Republic, a group of overseas dance champions showing teamwork that transcends borders, is raising expectations by saying that it will present an unprecedented stage that will surprise everyone. Team Mannequin, a team of battle powerhouses, heralded the return of the performance queen with a strong concept and a stage different from before in the finals. Attention is focused on which team among Team 1 Million, Team Hook, Team Jam Republic, and Team Mannequin will win the title of 'World Class Top 10 Dance Crew'.

'Sgirlpa 2' is receiving full support from Generation Z by showing the growth narrative and raw fun of teenage dancers. In particular, this season, which expanded the range of applicants regardless of individual, crew, or nationality, showed several legendary performances by infusing the process of forming a new team and a narrative of growth with the masters. In the last 5 episodes, it not only achieved first place among all channels among male and female teenagers, but also recorded a significant increase in viewership with a household average of 1.1% and a maximum of 1.6% (AGB Nielsen metropolitan area, paid standard).

The final dance battle, where the final winner is determined, can be seen in the 6th episode of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2', which will be broadcast live at 10 pm today (26th). This day's broadcast will also be broadcast around the world through YouTube channels The CHOOM and Mnet Plus, and detailed information can be found on official SNS.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google