SISTAR Hyorin "I don't date celebrities"
SISTAR Hyorin "I don't date celebrities"
Hyorin, a member of the group SISTAR, explained her views on relationships.

On the 25th, on the YouTube channel 'Civilization Express', 'I'm sitting there laughing, what kind of joke is love? A video titled ‘SO COOL SISTAR, who absolutely hates dating’ was posted.

In the released video, Zeze said, "We are planning a dating program at the end of the year, which is full of love," and added, "They are vehemently opposed to dating between celebrities."

After hearing this, Bora said, "It's because I have experience. Isn't this advice coming from experience?" In addition, Hyorin responded to the rumor that the 'Idol Star Championships' ('Idol Star Athletics Championships') is a place for dating, saying, "We start filming at 5 am and continue filming until 5 am the next day. We are always together in the same room, and my sister “If I go for a run, I have to wait. But waiting is playing,” he said.

He then replied, “We are always together in the same space, but if you think about it, it seems like it was a chapter.” On the other hand, Bora said, "Skinship is impossible. Fans are watching. Perhaps we date through eye contact."

Jeje also mentioned, “I heard they are flirting with airdrops in the store these days.” In response, Bora said, "We didn't even have KakaoTalk," and Hyorin said, "We were promised that if we won first place, we would get a cell phone. Thankfully, we won first place a little quickly. We used cell phones, but KakaoTalk and SNS were not active at the time. "he mentioned.

Hyorin says she has never been insulted by a fellow celebrity. He explained, "It's not because I'm a celebrity. I just don't like people who work in the same profession as me." Also, I'm not thinking about getting married yet.

Zeze then asked, “Have you ever looked at your love luck, fortune telling, or horoscope in the past 3 months?” To this, the two people answered, “Nothing.” Hyorin also said, "My mother and my grandmother have been praying for our spouses since I was a teenager. I heard that you have to pray for your spouse for a really long time."

Regarding the wedding she wants, she said, "I want to have it around sunset. I want to have it outdoors like a party. I've always had the thought that it would be nice to have a dance ceremony and that the wedding wouldn't be too heavy. 'How can I make a wedding dress look like a stage costume?' “I thought about it,” he said.

Regarding her usual dating style, Bora said, "I either accept or confess at the same time. For me, I almost always confess at the same time." Hyorin confessed, "I'm a cautious person when it comes to dating. Even if I like something, there are many times when I'm like, 'No.' Basically, other than the person I love, I also have the thought, 'Will the people around me leave me someday?'"

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google