Will Bae In-hyuk die because of Lee Se-young?
Will Bae In-hyuk die because of Lee Se-young?
Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk faced the worst crisis due to the tangled evil relationship between Cheon Ho-jin and Lee Jun-hyuk.

The 10th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Mr. Park's Contract Marriage', which aired on the 23rd, recorded 7.6% nationwide, 7.1% in the metropolitan area, and 1.5% in 2049 based on Nielsen Korea, ranking first among Friday-Saturday dramas in the same time slot with strong immersion and absorbing power. In particular, the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 8.7% in the past scene where Cheon Myeong (played by Lee Young-jin) and Grandfather Park Yeon-woo meet.

On this day's broadcast, it was revealed that Kang Tae-ha (played by Bae In-hyuk) was having a hard time because of Kang Sang-mo (played by Cheon Ho-jin), and that if Park Yeon-woo (played by Lee Se-young) did not return to Joseon, Kang Tae-ha could die. Although Kang Tae-ha was struggling with the fact that his grandfather Kang Sang-mo killed his biological mother, he looked for Park Yeon-woo's mother's books to see if the past might have changed.

Park Yeon-woo was embarrassed when the contents of the book did not change even after resolving the issue with Min Hye-sook (played by Jin-kyung), but Kang Tae-ha thought of Kang Sang-mo's incident, saying it was probably due to something that had not yet been resolved. The next day, Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha heard the shocking truth from Yoo Ha-na (played by Kwon A-reum) that Kang Sang-mo had been spying on Kang Tae-ha under orders from Kang Sang-mo and that Kang Sang-mo also knew about her contract marriage to Park Yeon-woo.

In the end, Kang Tae-ha went to Kang Sang-mo and asked him the truth. Kang Sang-mo denied it at first, but then proudly admitted, “I did it for my child.” He then venomously shot back, “Do you think I will ever forgive Park Yeon-woo, who made you like this?” Kang Tae-ha, who was angry at this, turned around and left a bombshell remark, saying, "Don't touch that person. Don't do anything. I am no longer your grandfather's grandson."
Will Bae In-hyuk die because of Lee Se-young?
Will Bae In-hyuk die because of Lee Se-young?
After a private meeting with Kang Sang-mo, Kang Tae-ha collapsed due to sudden heart pain, and the doctor informed Park Yeon-woo that Kang Tae-ha would not last long if he was not hospitalized. In particular, Park Yeon-woo was overcome with anxiety after hearing that Kang Tae-ha's heart condition had been deteriorating for three months and realizing that it had been since he came here. Then, when a petal of a pear blossom that Park Yeon-woo was looking at fell, turned into ashes and flew away as a butterfly, Park Yeon-woo followed the butterfly and met Cheon-myeong again.

Cheonmyeong told Park Yeon-woo that on the 100th day since he came here, the door to his final return to Joseon would open and that if he did not return to Joseon, Kang Tae-ha's heart would stop. Park Yeon-woo was moved to tears by the harsh choice, saying, “Is that my destiny?” Cheonmyeong disappeared after saying vague words, “If the past does not change, the present cannot be changed either.”

Afterwards, Park Yeon-woo followed Kang Tae-ha to the crypt of Kang Tae-ha's parents and said hello to them. As Park Yeon-woo was about to leave the charnel house, he vaguely saw Hwang Myeong-soo (played by Lee Jun-hyuk), but thought he had seen it wrong, and when Kang Tae-ha expressed that he could not forgive Kang Sang-mo but seemed to be thinking of Kang Sang-mo, he immediately met Kang Sang-mo. However, Kang Sang-mo left, rejecting Park Yeon-woo's words to ask Kang Tae-ha for forgiveness.

At this time, someone kidnapped Park Yeon-woo, and she was trapped in a warehouse. At the same time, when Kang Tae-ha received a text message saying that Park Yeon-woo had been kidnapped and guidance to the location, he ran to where Park Yeon-woo was and appeared at a critical moment to save Park Yeon-woo. Kang Tae-ha exploded at the kidnapping of Park Yeon-woo and headed to Kang Sang-mo's house, and Park Yeon-woo heard from Sa-wol (played by Joo Hyun-young) that someone had told Kang Tae-ha the location of the kidnapping. Park Yeon-woo, who had repeated doubts, thought of people he had met in Joseon and modern times, and guessed that Hwang Myeong-su was the culprit.

In the last scene of the day, the worst crisis ended with the image of Kang Tae-ha collapsing due to Hwang Myeong-soo's threat and the image of Park Yeon-woo running to save Kang Tae-ha, who was in danger of dying. Hwang Myung-soo grabbed Kang Sang-mo by the collar and threatened him while revealing that his wife died without receiving surgery because of Kang Sang-mo, but was stopped by Kang Tae-ha.

Kang Tae-ha found out that it was Hwang Myeong-soo who sent Park Yeon-woo's photo and the one who planned it while hiding behind Min Hye-sook. And the tension was heightened as Hwang Myung-soo was seen hitting a pottery towards Kang Tae-ha and Park Yeon-woo was shown running at full speed while remembering the words of a thousand people, “If Ae-gi is here, that person will die.”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google