Rowoon, his acting skills are on par with water
Rowoon, his acting skills are on par with water
Rowoon’s passion for acting was evident.

Rowoon is currently playing the role of Shim Jeong-woo in the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle'. Sim Jeong-woo was a person who attracted attention for his brilliant mind and outstanding visuals, but he also had a childlike side that could not hold back his anger. However, Jung-woo, who met Jeong Soon-deok (played by Jo Yi-hyeon) and broadened his view of the world, is captivating viewers with his pure and honest charm even in the face of love.

Rowoon is receiving praise for his 'acting skills that meet the water' by carefully expressing Jungwoo's changing emotions. Not only the eyes and facial expressions, but also the tone of the dialogue changes in pitch, freely showing everything from an old-fashioned look to a sly and playful look. In addition, through appropriate breathing and narration in a calm, low-pitched tone, Jeongwoo's inner feelings were conveyed in a simple yet affectionate way, leaving a lasting impression. In this way, Rowoon has established himself as an all-round male protagonist, showing his outstanding presence in everything from comical to romantic genres.

Rowoon's efforts to create the character can be seen throughout the filming set. Even during breaks, Rowoon did not let go of the script and immersed himself in the character. Through several rehearsals, he completed the scene by carefully matching the angles of the faces and the positions of the hands with the other actors. It is also said that off camera, he constantly discussed with the director and worked hard to improve the character's perfection.

'Wedding Battle', in which Rowoon appears, airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:45 PM, and there are only two episodes left until the end.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google