Kim Junsu releases OST for ‘Rising Day’
Kim Junsu releases OST for ‘Rising Day’
Singer Kim Junsu participated in the OST for ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'The Moon That Rises During the Day'.

According to Most Content on the 14th, Kim Junsu's 'Moon Rising During the Day' OST Part.7 'All of Us', sung by Kim Junsu, will be released through various online music sites at 6 PM on this day.

Rita (played by Pyo Ye-jin) and Do-ha (played by Kim Young-dae) meet as enemies and confirm their feelings for each other, which they had been trying to ignore. As the sad narrative of the two people is revealed and viewers' wish for a reunion in this life, unlike the tragic fate of their past lives, is growing, the song 'All of Us' sung by Kim Junsu is revealed.

'All of Us' is a song that envelops the heart in harmony with the lyrical acoustic guitar melody, strings and warm lyrics. Kim Junsu's delicate voice and deep expressive power that touch the heartstrings leave a deep impression. In particular, with lyrics such as "Even if the seasons pass by and the moon rises and sets again, I will always be by your side with unchanging eternity," it captures Doha's pure love that has been present in all of Rita's moments for 1,500 years.

Gaemi, the music director of 'Moon Rising During the Day', personally participated in the composition of 'All of Us', adding authenticity. In addition, lyricist Kim Kyung-min, who participated in writing the script for the drama 'She Loves Lies', lyrics for 'It's Okay, I', and lyrics for the previously released 'Moon Rising During the Day' OST 'Dream Wave - Baek Ji-young', collaborated with writer chroma_key to create the narrative. We completed a well-made OST that permeates perfectly.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google