Shin Seung-hoon, Taeyeon, and Seventeen's Dokyeom participate in the 'Welcome to Samdali' OST
Shin Seung-hoon, Taeyeon, and Seventeen's Dokyeom participate in the 'Welcome to Samdali' OST
The first lineup of the OST for JTBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Welcome to Samdali' has been revealed.

On the 30th, production company Most Contents unveiled the lineup of three OST teams for JTBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Welcome to Samdali'. 'Welcome to Samdali' is about Samdal (played by Shin Hye-seon), a dragon born in a stream at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, who loses everything and falls, returns to the arms of his hometown with Yong-pil (played by Ji Chang-wook), who cherished the stream, and finds love while catching his breath. Pure partner romance.

The list of 'Welcome to Samdali' OST remake songs was personally selected by Cho Yong-pil, a living legend in the music industry. The famous songs 'Reunion in Memories', 'Dream', and 'Short Hair', which depict a narrative, will be remade to provide viewers with memories, empathy, and a deep lingering feeling.

Shin Seung-hoon returns after three years and sings the famous song 'Reunion in Memories', which has been loved for a long time with his unique beauty and simple tone. It is expected that the lyrical lyrics recalling the past and Shin Seung-hoon's unique sensibility will be combined to meet the expectations of drama fans and listeners.

Taeyeon sings ‘Dream’, which Cho Yong-pil said he was most attached to. We plan to add a touching mood to the drama with Taeyeon's clear and powerful vocals and lyrics that remind us of the intense journey of Samdal (played by Shin Hye-sun), who moved from her hometown in Jeju to Seoul and dreamed of becoming a 'dragon'.

Dokyeom, the main vocalist of the group Seventeen, sings the famous song 'Short Hair' that represents the sensibility of the 1980s. While maintaining the sensibility of the original song, it is expected to be reinterpreted in Dokyeom's own style by adding a refreshing and warm sound to suit the play, giving a different atmosphere from the original song.

Gaemi, the music director of the dramas 'Descendants of the Sun', 'When the Camellia Blooms', and 'The World of the Married', took charge of the music and completed well-made music that maximizes immersion in the atmosphere of the drama. Accordingly, attention is also focused on the OST lineup that has not been released yet.

The 'Welcome to Samdali' OST will be released sequentially through various online music sites, starting with Seventeen's Dokyeom's 'Short Hair', which will be released at 6 PM on December 3.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google