Park Na-rae was selected as the daughter-in-law.
Park Na-rae was selected as the daughter-in-law.
Season 2 of 'Burning Roses' brought even more laughter and emotion by performing on stage with mothers of top stars who inherited everything from their looks to their singing skills and sense of entertainment.

The 33rd episode of MBN's 'Burning Roses' Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as 'Rose Group 2'), which aired on the 27th, recorded an overall viewership rating of 4.3% and a peak viewership rating of 4.8%, ranking first in the same time slot on all channels, including comprehensive and cable channels. . On this day, 'Rose Group' Son Tae-jin, Shin Seong, Min Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-yeon, Park Min-soo, Gong Hoon, and Enoch held a year-end special 'Mom Song Festival' with the mothers of Korea's top stars. The 'Mom Song Festival' is held as a duet competition in the first round and a solo competition in the second round, and the team with the highest score through self-evaluation wins a prize of 1 million won.

First, Son Tae-jin appeared with his mother Jin-suk, showing off his lovely hat charm with a cute pose of them holding hands. Kim Eun-jung, the mother of Park Min-soo, the 'winning career worker', and Jeong Yo-sim, the mother of Kim Jung-yeon, the most viewed protagonist of 'Roses,' made a bold bid to reach 2 million views. Choi Soo-min, Korea's representative voice actor and mother of actor Cha Tae-hyun, was delighted to appear with Shin Seong. Singer Park Hyun-bin's mother Jeong Seong-eul and actress Lee Yoon-ji's mother Jeong Jin-hyang are biological sisters and singing instructors, and they showed extraordinary tension, raising expectations.

The unexpected line-up aroused interest, including Park Young-hye, the mother of actor Lee Tae-sung and singer Seong Yu-bin, Kim Jin-hee, mother of prodigy Kim Tae-woong, and Min Soo-hyun's second mother, singing instructor Eun-hye Choi. Jeon Jong-hyuk, as a former athlete, appeared carrying his mother Baek Soo-nam, and Park Hyun-ho also made the scene into a sea of laughter with his wit of doing squats while holding his mother Shin Hyun-sook. Actor Noh Min-woo and singer A-Il's mother Oh Se-in, who were escorted by Enoch, exuded a celebrity mom pose, while singer Kim Dong-hyun's mother Jeong Young-hee and Han Kang's mother Lee Sun-ok made everyone laugh with their identical looks as their sons. The TOP7 sons showed off their enthusiasm for the festival by performing the opening stage with 'My Mom', a song perfectly suited to the 'Mom Song Festival'.

When Kim Jung-yeon and her mother Jeong Yo-sim appeared as the first stage protagonists, Park Na-rae mentioned that she had chosen herself as her daughter-in-law last time and asked, “Am I still a candidate for daughter-in-law?” Jeong Yo-sim drew laughter by emphatically saying, “Once a daughter-in-law, always a daughter-in-law.” Kim Jung-yeon and her mother performed a duet with a harmonious mix of trot and rock with 'Rain and You', and Son Tae-jin gave high praise to Jeong Yo-sim, saying, "I think you'll be releasing a song next time."

Prodigies Kim Tae-woong and Kim Jin-hee, along with their mother, boasted of the ‘positive function of the Rose Garden’, saying that sales at the restaurant they run more than doubled after appearing in ‘Fire Rose’. Kim Tae-woong's mother, who dreamed of becoming a singer in the past, surprised everyone with her outstanding singing ability and stage manners despite her shy appearance before performing, and immediately took first place with a highest score of 100 and a lowest score of 88. Son Tae-jin and his mother, who overwhelmed everyone's attention with their tall visuals, smiled shyly and said, "As I watched Tae-jin and my father build memories, I really wanted to try it once if given an opportunity like this." Son Tae-jin's mother confessed that the reason for choosing 'In the Flower Garden' was, "When Tae-jin was born, there was a 50% chance that he would live or die," and added, "Every time I see Tae-jin on stage, I think of the many people who helped Tae-jin and sing. I was moved by the words, “I chose .” The two tied for first place with a calm and classy tone that fits the description of a mother-son competition.

Sisters Jeong Jin-hyang and Jeong Seong said, “I really need to win 1 million won,” and added, “We practiced until 12:30 last night. “It’s because I lost to Minsu’s mom last time,” he said, making everyone laugh with his passion and determination. The two selected 'Bling Bling' and showed off their power, pushing skills, and stage manners with both excitement and talent, becoming the third joint first place winners. Seong Yu-bin's mother, Park Young-hye, said that she majored in Korean dance during her school days, but met her husband 10 days after entering school and only performed for about two years. “When I got off the subway, he tore up my test paper and wrote down my phone number. “I called that number and got married,” he said, telling a fresh love story. However, the two chose the twisted song 'Men Annoy Women' and made people laugh.

Kim Hyun-sook, a singing fighter who has appeared on singing competition stages across the country over 50 times, proved that age is just a number by not only performing ultra-high notes that put her age to shame with Kim Kyung-ho's 'Passion' along with Gonghun, but also performing a headbanging performance. Cha Tae-hyun's mother, Choi Soo-min, chose Shin Seong and 'Firebug' and completed the song with a clear voice worthy of a national voice actor, and her husband, Cha Jae-wan, said, "I have never fallen in love like I did today. “I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake,” he said with honey-filled eyes, “You’re really good!” He showed the side of a ‘loving father’ by shouting “100 points perfect”.

Han Kang and Lee Sun-ok, mother and son, lived in Seoul and Daegu respectively and practiced separately, causing everyone's concern by saying that the day of recording was their first time together. However, they showed such great harmony that it was hard to believe that it was their first time. Park Hyun-ho and Shin Hyun-sook, mother and son, said, “We came out today to look for a son-in-law,” adding, “He is 23 years old and has just joined a large company. “My daughter is so pretty,” he boasted. At this time, Son Tae-jin jumped up from his seat, applauded, and said, “This is the most fun thing I’ve done today!” “It’s exciting!” he said, bursting into laughter. The two received applause for expressing their deep emotions with 'Lost Umbrella'.

As the final special performance, Kim Jung-yeon, Park Min-soo, and Kim Dong-hyun passionately sang ‘Threshold of Twilight,’ a song of consolation to all parents, leaving a moving impression. Lastly, the last winners, Park Min-soo and Kim Eun-jung, went up on stage and selected 'You, My Friend', making people look forward to next week to see who will receive the final prize of the 'Mom Song Festival', which had a fierce twist.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google