Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun break down irregularities in joining the company
Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun break down irregularities in joining the company
Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun broke the habit of joining the fandom.

In the 6th episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle' that aired on the 14th, Soon-deok Jeong (played by Jo Yi-hyeon) was shocked to find out that the person whom Mrs. Park (played by Park Ji-young) had invited was Shim Jeong-woo (played by Rowoon), who said that he was her son's tutor, and quickly hid himself. It was depicted that the identity was not discovered.

Jeong Sun-deok, who found out that Sim Jeong-woo was the angry Gyeongwoon-jae Captain, later met Sim Jeong-woo again in the secret warehouse of Hongwol Gaekju and politely apologized for being too self-indulgent without knowing that he was Gyeongwoon-jae Captain, making everyone laugh. In addition, he praised Shim Jeong-woo's drawing of Dr. Maeng's three sisters, saying, "There's nothing you can't do," making Shim Jeong-woo smile.

Sim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok begin the meeting by reminiscing about their first encounter. The two men each selected miners to join the three sisters, and their opinions differed due to their different perspectives. In particular, while looking for a miner to hang out with Maeng Doo-ri (played by Park Ji-won), Sim Jeong-woo recalled seeing Maeng Doo-ri and Lee Si-yeol (played by Son Sang-yeon) together in the past, and felt a pain in his chest, which brought him to his attention. As they continued to disagree, Jeong Soon-deok suggested to Shim Jeong-woo that they should choose one, two, and three opponents for the final Maeng Sam-soon (played by Jeong Bo-min) at the same time. The two held the same number of miner number 23, and when their hands overlapped, they looked embarrassed for a moment. Surrounded by silence, it caused a strange excitement.
Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun break down irregularities in joining the company
Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun break down irregularities in joining the company
After nightfall, Sim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok recalled what happened during the day and expressed their worries about what if the other person misunderstood them. When Sim Jeong-woo asked Jeong Soon-deok, "Then what kind of woman would suit me?", he felt anxious and suffered from chest pain, fearing that Jeong Soon-deok might think he was an immoral person. At the same time, Sun-deok Jeong thought back to the time when her hands overlapped with Jeong-woo Shim and was worried that Jeong-woo Shim might have misunderstood her as a promiscuous woman because she could not remove her hand right away. Next, Jeong Sun-deok, who was drinking with Jo Ye-jin (played by Oh Ye-joo) and Gaedong (played by Bang Eun-jeong), pretended to be an acquaintance and brought up an incident that happened with Shim Jeong-woo during the day. Gaedong, who heard this, heightened curiosity by pointing out the key point, saying, "It's clear that the wife has feelings for the widower."

The next day, Sim Jeong-woo decided to recruit Heo Sook-hyeon (played by Bin Chan-wook), Yoon Boo-gyeom (played by Choi Kyung-hoo), Kim Jip (played by Jung Woo-jae) and Jang Chun-bae (played by Jo Jang-hee), who had been selected as husband candidates for Dr. Maeng's three daughters, and had a wild drinking party. . On the other hand, while sitting by her husband's grave, Soon-deok Jeong heard a compliment from Mrs. Park, who came by and thanked her for loving her dead son Jo In-guk (played by Yoon Yeo-won) and raising her grandson Jo Geun-seok (played by Kim Si-woo) well. Mrs. Park, who witnessed the clothes and accessories used by Jeong Soon-deok when she transformed into the female owner but pretended not to know, must have been frustrated to stay in the house, she put subtle pressure on Jo Geun-seok by emphasizing that when he grows up and gets married, Jeong Soon-deok will be the mistress of our house.

Soon after, Jeong Sun-deok, who came to Hongwol Gaekju's secret warehouse in response to Shim Jeong-woo's urgent letter, drew a line saying that it would be better to always hold matchmaking meetings with Oh Bong (played by Kim Hyeon-mok), and, using a businesslike tone, retreated to avoid the approaching Shim Jeong-woo. He said, making Sim Jeong-woo feel sad. Sim Jeong-woo asked people not to misunderstand him as a strange person because he had complicated circumstances the last time he asked about a suitable woman. He then gathered the miners who were candidates for husband and incited them with all their might, but everyone except Yun Bu-gyeom refused to marry because they believed in the false rumors about old women. I confessed it. Jeong Sun-deok, who had been listening quietly, announced that he would dispel the rumors about Maeng Ha-na, and asked Shim Jeong-woo to find the killer of Lee Cho-ok.

On the first day of the Maenghana Rumors Project, Sim Jeong-woo visited Jeong Sun-gu (played by Heo Nam-joon) and persuaded him that there was someone who would punish the culprit without anyone getting hurt if he knew the truth about Lee Cho-ok's death, so he took Jeong Sun-gu to the secret warehouse of Hongwol Gaekju. Jeong Soon-gu was surprised to see Maeng Sam-sun (played by Jeong Bo-min) with Jeong Soon-deok and Oh Bong dressed as Yeoju’s wife. Above all, Sim Jeong-woo introduced Jeong Soon-gu as “a person who knows the full story of the Lee Cho-ok incident and the culprit.” Jeong Sun-gu, not recognizing his younger brother Jeong Sun-deok, aroused interest by asking, "Are you the one who told Captain Gyeong Woon-jae that you would be confident in punishing Lee Cho-ok's murderer if only he knew?"

As if announcing the start of the Big Hana Rumors Project, Soon-deok Jeong declared that he would use the strategy of 'blocking rumors with rumors' to turn rumors into good stories and punish the heinous murderer who killed Lee Cho-ok. Moreover, when Jeong Sun-deok chose Maeng Sam-soon as the person who would spread the truth, Jeong Sun-gu drew attention by saying, "You say you only punish criminals without harming others, so how can you ask Sam-sun to do such a difficult thing?" At that very moment, Sim Jeong-woo suddenly fell down, clutching his chest and leaving only one painful word, "Don't scream. My heart hurts more." Jeong Soon-deok, who ran away in surprise, hugged Sim Jeong-woo and shouted, “Captain, come to your senses.”

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google