Park Jin-young, the 52-year-old youngest child, succeeded in persuading Insooni → Lee Eun-mi... ‘Golden Girls’ formed ‘Good start’
Park Jin-young, the 52-year-old youngest child, succeeded in persuading Insooni → Lee Eun-mi... ‘Golden Girls’ formed ‘Good start’
'Golden Girls' Shin Hyo-beom and Park Mi-kyung showed off their true legendary power on their first individual stage, electrifying the Friday night from the first broadcast. Accordingly, the viewer rating of 'Golden Girls' recorded 4.4% in the metropolitan area and 4.0% nationwide (based on Nielsen Korea), and in particular, the highest viewer rating soared to 7.2%, signaling a good start.

In KBS2's 'Golden Girls', which first aired on the 27th, K-pop's leading producer Park Jin-young struggled to recruit the legendary god combination Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom and Lee Eun-mi as members of the 'Golden Girls', and 'made a plan suitable for each member.' The members were shown performing their first solo stage with ‘Singing Music These Days’. During this process, Shin Hyo-beom's performance of TWICE's 'Feel Special' and Park Mi-kyung's performance of Ive's 'I AM' were revealed, bringing overwhelming joy.

Park Jin-young, who was determined to recruit Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi, went out of his way to recruit the 'Golden Girls' members. However, when they actually met, Shin Hyo-beom stubbornly refused, expressing his disapproval by saying things like, “You’re crazy,” Insooni, “Can you handle the four of us?”, Park Mi-kyung, “We’re beggars?”, and Lee Eun-mi, “I’m giving up.” However, Park Jin-young did not give in, and with the cuteness of his 52-year-old youngest member, he continued to bring out the divas' passion for music, saying, "Let's create a stage together that will make your heart explode," and eventually received a confirmation to join the 'Golden Girls'. Park Jin-young, who was enthusiastically liking his project as it got closer, said, “This is going to be something amazing,” and burst into laughter.

After the 'Golden Girls' members were finally confirmed, Park Jin-young selected Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi each of their current music and announced their personal inspection stage. The members were quite taken aback by the sudden request, but soon began intense practice. After two weeks, Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, Lee Eun-mi, producer Park Jin-young, and Monica as a performance teacher all gathered together for the first time as members of the 'Golden Girls', raising expectations. Monica, who met the members for the first time, appeared nervous and bowed deeply, saying, “I can bow to you,” making them laugh. Monica then continued to express her nervousness, saying that she could not believe the situation in which all five legends had been welcomed, and expressed her overwhelming emotions, saying, “I feel like it will go well.”

Personal inspection stage revealed for the first time. The first person to go on stage was Shin Hyo-beom. Park Jin-young selected Twice's 'Feel Special' for Shin Hyo-beom, who has explosive singing ability and excellent ability to convey emotions. Shin Hyo-beom, who was taken aback by the faster beat than expected when he first heard the song, began to sing TWICE's 'Feel Special' to the accompaniment of the band on the day of the performance, showing a performance that could not take your eyes off even for a moment, arousing admiration. Shin Hyo-beom, who had always said that his life was a ballad career, overturned everyone's expectations and surprised everyone by performing choreography to the fast rhythm of Twice's 'Feel Special' and at the same time showing off his explosive singing ability. In addition, he perfectly performed the rap part of the chorus, heating up the atmosphere. After the stage was over, Shin Hyo-beom said, “I can do better. I tried so hard, but I was so nervous. This is the best. I’ll leave the rest up to you.” Park Jin-young opened his eyes round and said, “This is enough,” and “I’m so thankful for not even one note.” I didn't commit a foul. “It’s really touching,” he said, cheering repeatedly. Monica also repeatedly praised Shin Hyo-beom's legendary stage, pointing to her arms and saying, "I'm getting skinny right now," and commenting on Shin Hyo-beom's choreography, "The lines are so pretty."

Above all, Shin Hyo-beom's affection and passion for the stage was impressive. In the process of joining 'Golden Girls', Shin Hyo-beom confessed to Park Jin-young that he had developed spinal stenosis and his whole body was in pain, causing regret. However, for the stage she loves the most, Shin Hyo-beom said, “I can’t just go because of my diva pride,” and showed off her infinite passion for the stage, such as taking out heels to maintain her ‘dance fit’, giving viewers both emotion and thrill.

After Shin Hyo-beom's legendary performance, Park Mi-kyung came on stage for the second time. For Park Mi-kyung, who is famous for her high notes, Park Jin-young selected Ive's 'I AM', the most difficult song with the highest note, G5, 3 octave solo. Upon hearing Ive's 'I AM' for the first time, Park Mi-kyung was taken aback by the new beats and rhythms, unlike any music she had made before, but soon found herself devoting herself to practicing every day as if she were on a pilgrimage to deliver perfect high notes. It was drawn and moved.

Next, before performing on stage, Park Mi-kyung said, “I will turn the stage upside down,” and gave a strong thrill by creating a legendary stage that perfectly harmonized the three beats, rhythm, and soul along with refreshing high notes. Park Jin-young was speechless for a while as Park Mi-kyung showed off her best skills on stage, and expressed admiration by saying, “This is a song originally sung with a high falsetto, so it won’t be done by lowering the key.” Lee Eun-mi also continued to give high praise, saying, “I usually don’t clap when listening to music, but while listening to (Park Mi-kyung’s) music, I was doing it,” and “She’s a professional, but that’s not her name.”

Meanwhile, as Shin Hyo-beom and Park Mi-kyung's stage came to an end, Insooni said, "What should I do?" and Lee Eun-mi said, "Maybe I could disappear in two days," and the two legendary divas seemed nervous, raising curiosity about the stage they would perform.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google