Kim Jun-ho has become a complete wreck
Kim Jun-ho has become a complete wreck
Comedian Kim Jun-ho pledged revenge after becoming the most soloist in Thailand.

In the 9th episode of 'Nidonnaesan Dokbak Tour (jointly produced by MBN, Channel S, and Lifetime)', which aired on the 7th, the story of comedians Jinchin Kim Dae-hee, Kim Jun-ho, Jang Dong-min, Yoo Se-yoon, and Hong In-gyu on the last day of their trip to Thailand was told.

On this day, the five people entered the luxury pool villa that Kim Jun-ho had pre-booked and enjoyed a leisurely night swim. However, to avoid being scolded by the landlord(?), we quietly played a swimming game. Through this, room allocation was completed smoothly. When they returned to the room, they played another game of poison with the Piyak toy that had been airlifted from Korea. As a result, Kim Jun-ho won with a solo beat and took first place alone with a cumulative 4 solo beats.

Kim Jun-ho, feeling dejected, went with Yoo Se-yoon to buy food for the dinner at a nearby market. After preparing a generous meal of moist electric-grilled whole chicken, draft beer, and a set of fried edible bugs, they said, "Let's go on a yacht tour tomorrow," and once again decided on a solo beat. At this time, Yoo Se-yoon suggested, "How about exempting yacht fees for people who eat fried water general bugs? It's worth it."

Everyone agreed on this, and decided the order of eating bugs by playing rock, paper, scissors. The members who started the tasting initially chose simple bugs such as mealworms and grasshoppers. Among them, Jang Dong-min said, “The fried grasshoppers were surprisingly well-cooked,” and ate them deliciously, giving a twist. Then, Kim Jun-ho, who was the last person to turn, shook his head at the visual of the water general bug and declared, "I'm going to pay for the yacht. I can't eat this." He voluntarily became a solo beater.

The day after finishing the dizzying game of poison, the five people went out to enjoy yachting and various water leisure activities. The members who arrived at the yacht dock were amazed at the visual of the hotel-class yacht, saying, “Wow, we succeeded.” Furthermore, I enjoyed the sea with my whole body while doing the signature pose from the movie 'Titanic'.

After a while, a fishing competition began to select the person with the most solo beats in Thailand. At this time, Hong In-gyu, who was wary of Kim Jun-ho, who was in the 5th group, suppressed Kiseon by saying, “Junho is not good at fishing,” and made a salty laugh. Afterwards, Jang Dong-min was the first to catch a fish and was excluded from the dogpak, and Yoo Se-yoon and Hong In-gyu succeeded in fishing one after another. With Kim Dae-hee and Kim Jun-ho remaining last, Kim Dae-hee caught the fish first with a gap of only 10 seconds. In the end, Kim Jun-ho, who became the person with the most solo beats during the trip to Thailand, showed his first-class attitude and smiled, saying, “It’s still fun.”

After completing the tour, we went to a tattoo shop to get a henna tattoo, which was the punishment for those with the most solo beats. Here, the members embarrassed Kim Jun-ho by saying, “It would be nice to engrave the letters (dog beat).” At the end of the discussion, those who chose the Crayon Shin-chan character as the tattoo design advised Kim Jun-ho to wear a belly button t-shirt, and Kim Jun-ho despaired, saying, "I'm becoming a complete wreck." After an hour of treatment(?), when the Crayon Shin-chan tattoo was completed, Kim Jun-ho ruined the scene by joking, “Is this my child?”

Kim Jun-ho entered the airport with power wearing a belly button t-shirt. In the end, he acted strangely, even talking to the Crayon Shinchan painted on the boat. After a while, Kim Jun-ho, who came to the right bat, pledged, "I will punish the person who gets punished on the next trip by waxing," foreshadowing an even stronger game of dog-eat-dog play.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google