John Park, who had a daughter, revealed his side as an emotional ballader
John Park, who had a daughter, revealed his side as an emotional ballader
John Park, who became a father, revealed his side as an ‘emotional balladeer’.

John Park, who is loved for his attractive low-pitched voice and soulful sense of rhythm, appeared in 'Tiny Desk Korea', which was released on the 29th. While this was his first appearance on a music show in a long time and fans were looking forward to it, John Park appeared on the 'Tiny Desk Korea' stage with the good news that he would become the father of his first daughter.

John Park opened the opening stage with the R&B song 'In Place', which goes well with fall. John Park said, “I’m going to play a few songs today, and I hope you’ll listen to them comfortably and enjoy them like you do now. “I am so happy and excited to be working with ‘Tiny Desk Korea,’” he said. Next, the listeners' hearts were tickled with 'Thoughts of You', a love song that clearly conveys the feelings of a man in love.

John Park explained the next song, ‘This Isn’t It’, saying, “This is a song included in my first album and was given to me as a gift by my close friend Kim Dong-ryul.” Also, regarding the last song ‘Stop’, he said, “This is the first song I wrote after finishing the audition program and starting to learn composition and lyrics. “I first wrote and saved it in 2011 and included it as a track on my regular album,” he said. He then gave his final greeting, saying, “It’s a song about the painful love of someone in their early 20s, and the band rearranged it so beautifully that I’m presenting this version for the first time today.”

'Tiny Desk Korea' was produced by LG U+'s STUDIO X+U. 'Tiny Desk Korea', a concert in front of a small desk, can be seen every Friday at 10 am through U+ Mobile TV and Tiny Desk Korea's official YouTube channel.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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