Lee Jun-hyuk appears in ‘Secret Forest’ spin-off
Lee Jun-hyuk appears in ‘Secret Forest’ spin-off
Actor Lee Jun-hyuk confirmed his appearance in the drama 'Secret Forest' spin-off 'Good or Bad Dong-jae'.

On the 18th, Teabing reported this news. TVING's original series 'Good or Bad Dong-jae' is a spin-off of the drama 'Secret Forest', which is considered the life drama of many people, and the episodes revolve around the popular character 'Seo Dong-jae'. The story of Seo Dong-jae, a prosecutor at the Cheongju District Prosecutors' Office who has a bleak future due to the stigma attached to his past corruption as a sponsor prosecutor, is troubled by a redevelopment case. When he takes on the murder case of a high school girl, he begins to walk a dangerous tightrope between his instincts as a prosecutor and his instincts as an opportunist. Draw.

The main character, Seo Dong-jae, is played by Lee Jun-hyuk, who appeared in ‘Secret Forest 1 and 2.’ Seo Dong-jae, a prosecutor played by Lee Joon-hyuk, was greatly loved by viewers, being called the obnoxious 'Negative Dong-jae' in Season 1 and 'Our Dong-jae' for his stern and salty appearance in Season 2. Lee Jun-hyuk plans to show an impressive appearance again this time, based on his experience in portraying the obnoxious but unlovable Seo Dong-jae character in a three-dimensional way.

Writer Lee Soo-yeon, who wrote 'Secret Forest 1 and 2', is raising expectations by participating as the creator of TVING's original series 'Good or Bad Dong-jae'. Writer Soo-yeon Lee, who has amassed a strong fan base by writing a new history of the genre, is curious about what new side of Seo Dong-jae will be presented in this series. Directed by director Park Geon-ho, and written by writers Hwang Ha-jeong and Kim Sang-won, Studio Dragon and Ace Factory, which produced 'Secret Forest 1 and 2', have once again joined forces to herald the birth of a well-made drama.

The production team of 'Good or Bad Dong-jae' said, "It would be a waste to show Seo Dong-jae, an attractive character who is not biased towards either good or evil, only in 'Secret Forest', so this time we will unfold a story centered around him. 'Dong-jae's struggle to survive in the world of a prosecutor. “I hope you look forward to seeing where this takes him.”

‘Good or Bad Dongjae’ will be released on TVING in 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google