Yoon Kye-sang becomes a murder suspect
Yoon Kye-sang becomes a murder suspect
Yoon Kye-sang was designated as a suspect in the murder.

In the second episode of ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Kidnapping Day', which aired on the 14th, a mysterious murder case was revealed. It was shocking when the inside story was revealed that the victims were the parents of Rohee (played by Yuna), Choi Jintae (played by Jeon Gwangjin) and Sojinyu (played by Goha). Sang-yoon (played by Park Seong-hoon), the detective in charge of the case, learned that their daughter Ro-hee had been kidnapped and assumed that the kidnapper and murderer were the same person. Myeongjun, a novice kidnapper, faces another crisis.

The first witness at the scene of the incident was Ok-bun (played by Lee Hye-yeon), Ro-hee's housekeeper. After returning from vacation, the house was filled with a terrible odor, and the owner's wife and wife were found dead in a bizarre position. Accordingly, Sang-yoon and detectives began an on-site investigation. The first thing that veteran Sang-yoon noticed was the traces of the CCTV in front of the entrance being torn off. Then, they came face to face with the corpses of Choi Jin-tae, who looked like a long sword had pierced his body, and So So-jin-yu, who had a paper knife stuck in his chest. Park Sang-yoon, who was watching this, activated his reasoning skills and said, “It feels like two different incidents were put together.” Through a conversation with Okbun, he also found out that the daughter of the murdered couple had disappeared.

While Myung-jun was away, Ro-hee was in danger. A beggar man (played by Song Jae-ryong), who was picking up junk in the neighborhood, came into the house where Ro-hee was alone. Rohee, who sensed something suspicious, ran away with all her might, but lost consciousness momentarily due to a surprise attack from a man who was a thief. Myeongjun returned home and found out that Rohee had disappeared, so he went looking for her. Meanwhile, he found Hyo Ja-son in the car of a man he ran into on the street, and after a struggle, he was able to save Ro-hee. Rohee's words, "Don't go anywhere and leave me alone again," broke Myeongjun's heart.

Sang-yoon’s investigation also began in earnest. While checking CCTV near his home on the day of the incident, Sang-yoon saw Myeong-jun leaving Ro-hee in a car and assumed that the kidnapper and murderer were the same person. However, it was unknown why or what the killer was aiming for when he took the child. Sang-yoon sets out to uncover the truth of the incident by meeting Doctor Jeong-do (played by Park Jin-woo), who works at Director Choi's Hyekwang Hospital, and Cheol-won (played by Kim Sang-ho), who has managed CCTV at the home and hospital. Then, they went to the vacant lot where Myeongjun's car exploded and looked for clues that could lead to his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Myeongjun left the house, taking Rohee with him. He also left a voice message for Hye-eun saying that he would send Ro-hee home and turn himself in. However, from the moment the two got together, there was a series of incidents. At the hospital where Rohee went to the hospital due to allergic shock caused by shrimp, the medical staff reported Myungjun, suspecting him to be a child abuser. Rohee sensed an unusual atmosphere and ran away with Myeongjun in tow. Sang-yoon arrived at the hospital late after receiving the report at that time. He was more confused by Myung-jun and Ro-hee and the eyewitness accounts of them on the CCTV footage. The fact that Myeong-jun arrived at the hospital crying while holding Ro-hee, and the fact that he wrote down his daughter's personal information at the reception desk was clearly different from other kidnapping crimes.

At the end of the broadcast, there was an awkward atmosphere between Myung-jun and Ro-hee, who had left the hospital. After losing her memory and waking up, Ro-hee knew herself as Hee-ae, as Myung-jun said. However, he interrogated Myeong-jun, saying, "I heard the name Ro-hee in the alley last night. Who are you?" The confrontation between the two people, with their eyes exchanging anxiety and suspicion, increased tension. On this day, the identity of the victim of the wealthy murder case and the scene of the gruesome and horrific incident were revealed, attracting attention. Along with this, the invisible chase between Myeong-jun, who was falsely accused of murder, and Sang-yoon, who began chasing him and Ro-hee, unfolded in an exciting manner. The mystery, which became even deeper in two episodes, captivated viewers with its powerful attraction. Above all, it amplified curiosity about the change in the relationship between Myung-jun and Ro-hee, which announced the beginning of cooperation.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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