'Sword of Aramun' Lee Joon-gi finally meets his twin brother
'Sword of Aramun' Lee Joon-gi finally meets his twin brother
‘Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun’ captivated viewers with its non-stop, rapid-fire plot.

In episode 2 of the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun', which aired on the night of the 10th, the Agoh Allied Forces won the first battle against the Arthdal conquest army, while Mubaek (played by Park Hae-joon) saved Eunseom (played by Lee Joon-gi) and Saya (played by Lee Joon-gi). The righteous death of

The combat power of the Arthdal conquest army, specialized in field warfare, and the tactics of the Ago Allied Forces, which had to surpass it, clashed heatedly. Eunseom, leader of the Allied Forces, created an obstacle in the field, breaking the ranks of Arthdal's 1st Cavalry and showering them with arrows in the confusion. As the allies were helplessly defeated, Saya, the general of Arthdal, panicked and dispatched the Bronze Armor, the most elite soldiers, to turn the tide of the war towards Arthdal. The bronze armor soldiers advanced fiercely amid the gray smoke and mercilessly slaughtered the Allied Forces.

In the midst of a one-step, one-step offensive and defensive battle, the goddess of victory sided with the Allied Forces. Eunseom's horse, Dori, overpowered the enemy's horses and completely took away the mobility of the bronze armored soldiers. The bronze armored soldier, who fell in the middle of the field without a horse or weapon, was helpless at the hands of the Allied cavalrymen. As a result, the first victory of the war was claimed by the Allied Forces of Agoh.

At that time, a political battle as fierce as a war was taking place in Arthdal. The fact that Queen Taealha (played by Kim Ok-bin) tortured Yeolson (played by Jeong Seok-yong), who possessed the technology to make pure iron, sparked a fuse, leading to a confrontation between King Tagon (played by Jang Dong-gun), High Priestess Tanya (played by Shin Se-kyung), and Taealha. thing.

In the intense conflict of interest between Tagon, who demanded to give up his ten hands, and Taealha, who demanded that he take only his body and not his knowledge and skills, Tanya fought back with a terrifying warning that if she touched her father, Ten Son, she could make Prince Arok angry. In the end, Tanya put an end to the situation by promising to bestow divine honor on Prince Arok if he freed her father. This is because they recognized the fact that it was Taealha's plan that created a situation that was bound to be a catastrophe no matter which side was chosen. In response, Taealha said, “You are done with Asaron. He belittled and mocked Tanya by saying, “You look like an old snake.”

Saya, who lost the war against the Ago Union led by Baenatbut Eunseom, became even more indignant at her sense of defeat towards Eunseom. They even didn't send a messenger to Arthdal. In doing so, he had to follow Tagon's orders to win the war and solidify his position as the successor, and he had to win the war all the more because his life could be in danger if it were revealed that Inaishingi Eunseom was Baenatbut's brother.

The decision that Saya ultimately made after suffering bitter hardship was to get rid of Eunseom using the excuse of meeting Baenatbot. Mubaek, unaware of this intention, was just overjoyed at Saya's decision to meet Eunseom. On the promised day, Eunseom and Saya met in a remote wooden warehouse and observed and guarded each other. The scene where they talked about what kind of life they lived and what they saw each other in their dreams evoked a sad feeling.

The reunion of the brothers, which took place in the silence of a quiet night, was shattered by the appearance of Shahati's Children, an assassination organization. Shahati's attack on Saya was enough to overwhelm even the defenseless Eunseom. Then, a fire started in the warehouse, and Mubaek rushed to the warehouse, but Eunseom and Saya had already lost their minds. Mubaek's desperate will to rescue Eunseom and Saya with all his might while separating Shahati, who was persistently attacking, continued. Mubaek, who lost a lot of blood due to Shahati's attack, was close to death. At that moment, Eunseom and Saya's mother, Asahon (played by Choo Ja-hyun), whom they loved so much that they couldn't even express their past feelings, closed their eyes and left the viewers shocked.

I wonder whose orders Shahati, who was attacking Saya, received, and what kind of impact the reunion of the Baenat brothers will have on Arthdal and the Ago Union.

The viewer ratings for the second episode of 'Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun' (based on paid platforms integrating cable, IPTV, and satellite/provided by Nielsen Korea) recorded an average of 4.7%, a maximum of 5.7%, based on households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 4.6%, a maximum of 5.5%, based on households nationwide. It ranked first in its time slot on cable and comprehensive channels both in the metropolitan area and nationwide.

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