Kim Eung-su, Son Tae-jin's twist "You're dead, man"
Kim Eung-su, Son Tae-jin's twist "You're dead, man"
Season 2 of ‘Burning Roses’ presented an emotional stage that brought the most tears of all time.

In episode 21 of MBN's 'Burning Roses' Season 2 (hereinafter referred to as Roses 2), which aired on the 5th, TOP7 Son Tae-jin - Shin Seong - Min Su-hyun - Kim Jung-yeon - Park Min-soo - Gonghun - Enoch, starting with Kim Eung-soo, Park Ae-ri, Yoon Su-hyun, Park Hyun-ho, Jeon Yu-jin, Seong Min-ji, etc. It was decorated as a ‘special feature of performers’ performing on stage with performers representing the genre.

Actor Kim Eung-soo appeared and surprised everyone by showing off his outstanding trot skills with 'Wind Wind Wind'. Kim Eung-soo surprised everyone by making a surprise confession, saying, "At this age, I am making my debut as a trot singer. The title of my new song is 'Mac Moon-dong Oppa.'" Then, when he was told that he had to beat Taejin Son to release a new song, he responded, "If I lose to Taejin, I'll have to invite Taejin under the Mapo Bridge," making him burst into laughter.

When Yoon Soo-hyun, an all-round talent, appeared and sang the representative song 'Cheontaemansang', Park Na-rae said, "I have a deep relationship with this person," and announced her appearance in the 'Cheontaemansang' music video. When Yoon Soo-hyun said, "Thanks to you, the song went well," Kim Eung-soo stood up and said, "Please appear in my music video," and gave a 90-degree bow, making everyone laugh. In addition, representatives of the genre such as trot public sentiment hunters Jeon Yu-jin and Seong Min-ji and Korea's representative singer Park Ae-ri appeared and captured attention. In particular, Park Hyun-ho, a dancer who catches dancers, performed BTS's 'Fire' with the power of a representative performer, and Kim Eung-soo immediately went on stage and danced together, saying it was his favorite song, heating up the atmosphere.

Kim Eung-soo was able to face Son Tae-jin from the first stage as he had hoped, but as soon as he saw Son Tae-jin, he showed his nervousness and burst out laughing, saying, "My condition is suddenly dropping." However, when Son Tae-jin said that he had selected 'Kkondae Latte', the OST of the drama 'Old School Intern' in which he appeared, he said, "It is a very difficult song to sing," and said, "You're dead, man," showing a sudden confidence, which led to laughter again. In the opening of 'Kkondae Latte', Son Tae-jin showed off his passionate acting as a Seoul National University intern who gets scolded by Kim Eung-soo, the manager of the Kkondae Latte. He was impressed by not only the comical dance but also the difficult part of shouting 'Latte Latte Latte' with a fast beat in the second half. I was hugged. In response, Kim Eung-soo tried to escape the studio, saying, "It's all over," and then poured out his resentment, saying, "You sing this so well?" Kim Eung-soo selected 'Young-young', which he said won the match against Lim Young-woong, and gave a passionate performance while holding the microphone with both hands. He became the main character of the upset by defeating Son Tae-jin 2-1 at the end of a Park Bing match, and took the opportunity to release a new song. It was.
Kim Eung-su, Son Tae-jin's twist "You're dead, man"
Kim Eung-su, Son Tae-jin's twist "You're dead, man"
Collaboration performances by Park Ae-ri, Kim Da-hyun, and Enoch and Min Soo-hyun followed. Korean traditional music seniors Park Ae-ri and Kim Da-hyun selected 'As You Live' and performed a touching performance of harmony, locking eyes with each other as if they were a loving mother and daughter. Na-rae Park wiped away tears throughout, as if she was reminded of her mother in her hometown. Enoch and Min Soo-hyun chose 'Don't Cross That River' and opened the faucet to everyone's tears with their deep and earnest singing style. Na-rae Park, who once again shed tears, gave generous applause, saying, "I sing so earnestly that it drives people crazy." Enoch and Soo-hyun Min defeated their strong enemies, Ae-ri Park and Da-hyeon Kim, and won.

Son Tae-jin's exclusive corner 'Son Tae-jin's Hand in Hand' second guest Jeon Yu-jin said, "I really like Son Tae-jin's new song" and prepared a duet stage for 'A Very Good Person', and the two showed sincerity by thinking over each and every lyric. It resonated with the stage and predicted another explosion in views. Finally, Kim Eung-soo's new song 'Macmundong Oppa' was released. Kim Eung-soo, looking like a 'youth icon' wearing black sunglasses in a retro fashion with top and bottom blue, received a round of applause for delivering a performance that was full of hard work, adding addictive dance moves to the exciting EDM rhythm.

Afterwards, the match between singer Park Ae-ri and emotional singer Jeon Yu-jin took place. Jeon Yu-jin, who said, "I will perform on stage first and then enjoy Park Ae-ri's performance in peace," sang 'A Girl's Prayer' passionately and received rave reviews from Park Ae-ri, saying, "It feels perfect." Subsequently, Park Ae-ri, who chose to sing Na Hoon-a's 'Mother', shed tears due to the emotions she was filled with during the song, and a sad scene unfolded where everyone wiped away their tears due to Park Ae-ri's earnest emotions expressed in the song.

Park Hyun-ho and Kim Jung-yeon, the representative dancers of 'Flaming Trotman', went from best friends to rivals, arousing interest. Park Hyun-ho expressed his unexpected ambition, saying, "You might think we'll win with dancing, but we'll compete with our singing ability," and the two showed off their charm as all-round idols who can both dance and sing by competing in ultra-high notes with "lost affection." After a duet performance pretending to be a competition, Park Hyun-ho made Joong-yeon cry by saying, "I feel like tears will come out when I make eye contact with Joong-yeon on stage. I tried not to look at him as much as possible." Then, as soon as he won, he jokingly said, "Treat me as your older brother from now on." It made me laugh.

In the ice cream prize competition that followed, a special match was concluded in which Yoon Soo-hyun, Kim Da-hyun, Park Hyun-ho and Min Soo-hyun, Kim Jung-yeon and Gong Hoon faced each other 3 to 3. Hyun-ho Park played the role of Hyun-soon, a girl group member dressed in cute cross-dressing, and conveyed joy with an unconventional performance by passionately singing 'Shanghai Romance' with Soo-hyun Yoon and Da-hyun Kim, and the three people who became F3 without Park Min-soo showed their enthusiasm for challenging B-boying as 'Young Ilman Friends'. He added a smile. In the duet competition between Min Soo-hyun and Gong Hoon, and Shin Seong and Yoon Soo-hyun, Min Soo-hyun and Gong Hoon won with Na Hoon-ah's 'Pretend to Die', receiving a response that "It was a great song." Finally, after a refreshing and refreshing MZ match between Park Min-soo and Seong Min-ji, the Narae team won the final victory with Park Min-soo winning the victory point with 'Bury You Next to the Corn Field'.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google