Ahn Eun-jin became a strong woman after falling in love with Namgoong Min
Ahn Eun-jin became a strong woman after falling in love with Namgoong Min
Actress Ahn Eun-jin updated her life's character through the drama 'Lovers' with fierce effort and passion.

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Lovers' is a human history melodrama that deals with the love between lovers and the vitality of the people as they go through the Manchu War. 'Lovers', which began broadcasting on August 4, will conclude Part 1 with 10 episodes on September 2 and will return to small screens with Part 2 in October. As 'Lovers' Part 1 was loved and created many 'lovers' ruiners, expectations for Part 2 are also high.

Ahn Eun-jin (played by Yoo Gil-chae) played the role of the female protagonist, Yoo Gil-chae, and gave a passionate performance. Yu Gil-chae was a member of a good family who grew up in Neunggun-ri before the outbreak of the Manchu War. She was a cute woman who tried to capture the hearts of many men. As Yoo Gil-chae goes through a terrible war and truly falls in love with a man named Lee Jang-hyeon (played by Namgoong Min), she grows and changes into a woman as strong as a wild flower.

At the beginning of the play, Ahn Eun-jin captured Yoo Gil-chae's sly and sassy charm with a bubbly performance. Unlike many female characters in historical dramas who are obedient to the times and men, Yoo Gil-chae was an honest and confident character in the face of love. Ahn Eun-jin's bright and fresh smile and charm doubled Yoo Gil-chae's loveliness.

Then, as the Manchu War broke out in the play, Yoo Gil-chae's character changed drastically. When Yoo Gil-chae faced an urgent situation, he demonstrated quicker judgment and leadership than anyone else and protected his precious people. Sensing that barbarians were coming, he quickly changed his evacuation route and ran down the mountain path carrying a pregnant bell on his back. She also received a baby for the first time in her life in the middle of the night and even killed a barbarian to save her friend from being raped.

As Yoo Gil-chae changed, Ahn Eun-jin's true value also began to shine. Ahn Eun-jin not only did not hesitate to portray Yu Gil-chae, who undergoes a dramatic change due to the Manchu War, but also showed tremendous concentration and acting skills. Thanks to Ahn Eun-jin's passionate performance, Yoo Gil-chae's change was realized in a dramatic, delicate, powerful and attractive way. Through Ahn Eun-jin, an independent female protagonist character that was rarely seen in historical dramas set in the Joseon Dynasty was created.

Even in the melodrama part, Ahn Eun-jin's presence was dazzling. The ending of Episode 8, where Yoo Gil-chae thinks Lee Jang-hyun is dead and cries out his name endlessly. Lee Jang-hyun, who was thought to be dead, returns and decides to run away with him for love, but he has no choice but to turn back when he thinks of the people he has to protect. Up to 10 times. Her melodrama, which became deeper and more mature as each episode went by, heightened the sadness and immersion of the play.

Ahn Eun-jin has become the most noteworthy actor in 2023, showing her outstanding acting skills and charm in various works such as the drama 'Wise Doctor's Life' and 'Bad Mom'. He updated his life character through 'Lovers' and even took over the historical drama melodrama. This is why Ahn Eun-jin's efforts and passion in 'Lovers' Part 2 are expected to shine as she fought fiercely for her lover, Yoo Gil-chae, the independent female protagonist in 'Lovers'.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google