Kim Il-joong "My appearance, Hyun Bin's eyes, and Lee Byung-hun's subordinates were combined"
Kim Il-joong "My appearance, Hyun Bin's eyes, and Lee Byung-hun's subordinates were combined"
'Immortal Songs' will feature hot celebrities in each field gathering together to show off their talents.

Episode 621 of KBS2's 'Immortal Song', which will be broadcast on the 26th, will be decorated with a 'Hot Celeb Special'. In this special feature, celebrities from each field will show off their talents by performing reinterpretations of famous songs. Hye-ryeon Cho, Seok-cheon Hong, Il-yong Kwon & Chang-won Pyo, Il-joong Kim, Ji-hoon Park, and Siljang Song (Song Seong-ho) present a passionate stage.

The stage of celebrities representing each field, as well as unprecedented spicy talk, also raises expectations. Jo Hye-ryun provokes Hong Seok-cheon, saying, "I'm not a rival, just a college mate." Kim Il-jung declares war, shouting, "Everyone sitting here burdens me." In addition, Lawyer Park Ji-hoon showed a confident appearance, saying that the reason why he decided to appear in 'Immortal Song' was the appearance of Kwon Il-yong & Pyo Chang-won.

In this special feature, Park Hyun-bin, who was the main character of last week's artist, catches the eye as a special MC in the talk waiting room. From the appearance, Park Hyun-bin said, 'Just kill me' and gave a verse of the hit song 'Shabang Shabang', raising the atmosphere of the talk waiting room to the fullest. Regarding this, MC Kim Joon-hyun expressed his strong heart, saying, "Park Hyun-bin was sitting in the artist's seat last week, and this week he is the MC of the talk waiting room. He is very active." As if to respond to this, Park Hyun-bin made the atmosphere of the talk waiting room friendly with his unique positive energy and showed off his skillful hosting skills.

In addition, Kim Il-joong, who appeared alone for the first time in 'Immortal Song', said, "I will show you that I can fill the stage alone," and heated up the atmosphere even more by clenching his fists. In particular, Kim Il-joong draws everyone's attention by praising himself about his appearance, saying, "I combined Hyun Bin's eyes and Lee Byung-hun's lower body."

Cho Hye-ryeon draws attention by pointing out MC Shin Dong-yeop as a surprise guest on her stage. Cho Hye-ryun announces that he will summon Shin Dong-yeop impromptu on stage, and it is noteworthy how Shin Dong-yeop will respond.

In this special feature, Jo Hye-ryun will captivate the judges by singing 'Joy', Hong Seok-cheon's 'First Impression', Kwon Il-yong & Pyo Chang-won's 'Old Love', Kim Il-joong's 'Commitment', Park Ji-hoon's 'Never Ending Story', and Song Sil-jang (Song Seong-ho's) 'Letting You Go'. Prospect.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google