Lee Chan-won finally wins... A son who wanted to give his mother a trophy
Lee Chan-won finally wins... A son who wanted to give his mother a trophy
Singer Lee Chan-won held the championship trophy of 'Immortal Song' in his arms.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research company on the 4th, the 609th episode of 'Immortal Song', which aired on the 3rd, recorded 6.8% nationwide and 6.3% in the metropolitan area. It ranked first in the combined viewership ratings on Saturday, which is the 24th consecutive week.

On this day, while the broadcast was decorated with artist Jinseong's version, Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-ho, Kim Soo-chan, Jeon Yu-jin, Jung Mi-ae, Lee Chan-won, and Yang Ji-eun appeared and sang Jin-seong's song again in their own colors. Before the start of the contest, Jinseong went up on the stage and performed 'Ugly Guy' and 'Don't Tackle' one after another, raising the excitement.

The main characters of the first stage were Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-ho. These brothers selected Jinsung's 'Lantern of Your Love' and said, "Today I'm going seriously without dancing." Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-ho, who first appeared as contestants in 'Immortal Songs', attracted everyone's attention with their tremendous singing ability and stage concentration. Yang Ji-eun, who saw the stage, was surprised, saying, "She is small, but she seems to be good at holding hands. Her gestures are also big." Jinseong conveyed extraordinary affection to these brothers and said, "I look forward to the future."

Kim Soo-chan was called to the second stage. Kim Soo-chan said that he selected 'Coin Life' and put forward 'authenticity'. Kim Soo-chan, who appeared in the first 'Immortal Song' after being discharged from the military, gave off a singing ability that was honed to the mood of the song without a unique dance. Kim Soo-chan removed his unique laugh and digested the sensibility of the song seriously. Lee Chan-won said, "It was the first time I saw Kim Soo-chan sing with both legs fixed on the ground. I was moved by the tension and immersion." Jung Mi-ae said, "I really focused and listened, but I felt that they were singing with sincerity." Jinseong praised, saying, “Just looking at Kim Soo-chan’s face makes me feel endorphins.” Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-ho brothers won one match against Kim Soo-chan.

Jeon Yu-jin took the third stage with 'At Andong Station'. With the determination to 'challenge for a 100% win rate', Jeon Yoo-jin, aiming for another championship, presented a full stage with a stormy voice and plenty of emotion. Jeon Yoo-jin drew admiration by pulling out cool high notes at the climax without hesitation. Lee Chan-won lowered his head and said, "I passed out as soon as the song ended. I don't want to hang out with this friend," and Kim Soo-chan smiled, "I feel relieved." Jinseong raised his thumb, saying, “There is a rising power like Jeon Yujin, so the development of trot is solid.” Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-ho beat Yu-jin Jeon again and won 2 wins.

Jung Mi-ae was called to the fourth stage. Jung Mi-ae said, "I want to enjoy the stage without mistakes as much as I prepared really hard." Jung Mi-ae expressed the sorrow and pain of those difficult times with sincerity. The enthusiastic singing and emotional expression that did not spare the throat drew everyone's applause. Lee Chan-won said, "I admire the singing ability that explodes so much that I can't believe the life of fighting illness." Jinseong hoped, "I hope you get better and play the role of a mainstay in our music industry." Jung Mi-ae defeated Hwang Min-woo & Hwang Min-woo brothers and succeeded in winning one.

Lee Chan-won then took the fifth stage. Lee Chan-won, who said he wanted to give his mother by winning the trophy, digested each line of 'My Mother' with more sincerity than ever. Lee Chan-won went out to the audience at the end of the stage and drew attention by breathing with Jinseong and the masterpiece judge. Especially at the ending, he got down on his knees and sang, drawing everyone's attention. At this, the fellow contestants jumped out of their seats and laughed, saying, "There are too many fouls." Jinseong praised Lee Chan-won's stage, saying, "I was surprised. The sound box is large, the sound is good and it is comfortable to listen to. I think I can become a main beam." Lee Chan-won blocked Jung Mi-ae's 2 wins and won 1.

It was Yang Ji-eun, the protagonist of the last stage. He went on stage with 'Don't Go'. Yang Ji-eun, who said she mobilized her juniors at the expense of her own money, opened the song with a sorrowful sensibility. Then, the atmosphere was changed to match the Samulnori troupe's support shooting, showing a variety of stage operations. Yang Ji-eun's ever-changing acting and explosive voice made it impossible to take my eyes off of her even for a moment. Regarding Yang Ji-eun's stage, Jinseong said, "It feels like the song was reborn by arranging it into a big song. Thank you very much."

In addition, Jinseong said, "I was really grateful for each stage because my juniors sang so passionately. It was a great honor and happiness. I will also become a singer who will not disappoint you in the future." The final winner of this contest was Lee Chan-won. Lee Chan-won and Yang Ji-eun, who had no winning history, fought a close match for the championship trophy until the end, and the goddess of victory raised Lee Chan-won's hand. Lee Chan-won put the dream trophy in his arms and promised, "Thank you. I will sing hard in the future."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google