“I am the favorite disciple of senior Jin-seong” Lee Chan-won, a returning genius
“I am the favorite disciple of senior Jin-seong” Lee Chan-won, a returning genius
Singer Lee Chan-won showed the aspect of a genius at work and held the first championship trophy of 'Immortal Song' in his arms.

Lee Chan-won appeared on KBS2's 'Immortal Song', which aired on the afternoon of the 3rd, and went on stage in the fifth order and became the main character of the final victory.

Lee Chan-won, who is active as an MC in 'Immortal Song', returned to his main job and joined the contestant lineup when the artist Jinseong unfolded that day. From the beginning of the broadcast, Lee Chan-won revealed the reason for participating as a contestant, claiming, "I am Jin-seong's favorite student."

Contrary to the initial promise, Lee Chan-won showed an unusually nervous appearance as the contestants performed together became more talkative, drawing laughter. Lee Chan-won, who had been waiting, went on stage in the fifth order.

Lee Chan-won, who went on stage with his best friend Hwang Yun-seong in October of last year, but ended up in a draw, said, "The relationship with my mother is so special. I want to deliver the trophy." In particular, Lee Chan-won constantly showed his desire to win, saying, "At the time of 'Mr. Trot', my senior gave me a chance, saying, 'We have to give a friend like this a chance.' I was determined to win the championship trophy.

On stage, Lee Chan-won closed his eyes tightly and sang with sincerity in each letter and one note from the first lyrics, stimulating the tears of not only the audience who filled the scene, but also the viewers. Afterwards, the atmosphere reversed, and even with the faster rhythm, Lee Chan-won jumped into the audience and enjoyed the stage together while keeping the rhythm of the trot song.

The singers who watched Lee Chan-won's stage also stood up from their seats and showed excitement. Jinseong also praised, "Lee Chan-won will be the mainstay of trot." In the end, Lee Chan-won won the first championship trophy by defeating Yang Ji-eun, who came in the last order.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google