Baek Jong-won, "Why can't you do business?"
Baek Jong-won, "Why can't you do business?"
Baek Jong-won, who learned the taste of sales in Naples, challenges the maximum sales.

In the 10th episode of tvN's 'Cheap of Business Genius', which airs on the 4th, Baek Jong-won's secret dish, Taro Gukbap, will be released. Taro Gukbap is a kind of K-fast food that is served with broth that has been boiled in advance. Because the soup is served with rice, it is relatively quick to eat compared to other menus, so guests can shorten their stay.

Previously, Baek Jong-won introduced a midfielder bag system that led the team in the hall, not in the kitchen, and improved the efficiency of Baekban House. The influx of guests was sequentially entered one table at a time, and manpower was placed in the right place according to the situation. The guests who came to this place expressed their satisfaction by enjoying the delicious food.

Sales volume fell short of expectations, despite extensive maintenance under the banner of 'ALL NEW Baekbanjip'. The business hours were changed to evening for the Friday part, but the sales volume for a total of 55 people increased by only 1 serving compared to the previous day. It was the moment when the limitations that hindered sales growth were revealed.

Above all, the locals of Naples enjoyed the beef radish soup, which had been in charge of the main menu Baekban soup. Curiosity and anticipation soar at the same time, whether the rice soup with the soul of Koreans will work, and whether it will increase the table turnover rate and break through the sales limit as predicted by the sales genius.

It catches the eye as the white sandy beach obsessed with sales madness and the tense nervous warfare of the employees who are facing physical limitations are captured. As customers flocked endlessly to the already saturated Baekban House, only 38 customers were waiting. In response to the protests of tired employees asking how to receive customers now, Baeksajang is foreshadowing a turning point in labor-management conflict by saying, "Why can't we do business? There is no soup, no meat, no rice." As a result, attention is focused on whether it will be possible to overcome the disagreement that cannot be narrowed and achieve the maximum sales desired.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google