Bae In-hyuk, Lee Seung-gi stone fastball "If you can't keep your word, you can't go see your mom and dad"
Bae In-hyuk, Lee Seung-gi stone fastball "If you can't keep your word, you can't go see your mom and dad"
Actor Bae In-hyuk immerses himself in studying to overcome his poor Japanese skills.

In the 3rd episode of TV Chosun and Discovery Channel Korea's 'Brother Ramen', which will be broadcast on the 5th, Kang Ho-dong welcomes Enoshima's representative ramen craftsman as a guest and stakes the pride of Korean ramen.

Previously, the three brothers Ho-dong Kang, Seung-gi Lee, and In-hyeok Bae visited a ramen master's shop to research the market and get realistic advice before opening 'Brother Ramen'. Just in time, the father-in-law revealed that he had come to visit Brother Ramen because the shop was on holiday, and Kang Ho-dong, who greeted the father-in-law in the kitchen, seemed nervous and restless. Kang Ho-dong started cooking K-Ramen with a solemn expression, saying, "I'll make it delicious."

Ho-dong Kang asked the ramen craftsman if he liked the spicy taste of Korea and struggled to create custom ramen for the craftsman, such as showing small performances. The curiosity amplifies whether Kang Ho-dong will be able to captivate the taste of Japanese ramen craftsmen with Korean ramen, and what kind of evaluation the craftsman would have made after seeing the taste of Korean ramen.

Bae In-hyeok seems to be immersed in studying Japanese without even trying to overcome his poor Japanese. After opening the store, Bae In-hyeok calmly sat down and practiced Japanese in a relaxed voice even while the hyungs expressed their anxiety because there were no customers. Lee Seung-gi also cheered, saying, "I have more confidence in my voice than yesterday. I have power." Bae In-hyeok put on a shy smile and focused on practicing Japanese again, making the hyungs laugh.

In addition, Bae In-hyuk drew attention by giving Lee Seung-gi a soft joke and radiating the fearless youngest. To Lee Seung-gi, who is confident that he can protect Jeonju Bibimmyeon, Bae In-hyuk, whose hometown is Jeonju, said, "If you can't keep your words, you can't go to Jeonju to see my mom and dad." Attention is drawn to Bae In-hyeok's behavior, who showed all sides of the top, the youngest to catch the brothers, and how he surprised his brothers.

The production team said, "In the third episode of 'Brother Ramen', the three brothers will receive a Japanese ramen master as a guest and receive a taste evaluation." Please check through."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google