'54 years old' Jeong Suk-yong transforms into Kang Dong-won "I wonder why good-looking actors often look in the mirror"
'54 years old' Jeong Suk-yong transforms into Kang Dong-won "I wonder why good-looking actors often look in the mirror"
SBS' 'My Little Old Boy' won the 2049 viewership ratings for Sunday entertainment, and the metropolitan area household viewership ratings for 12 consecutive weeks.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company, on the 12th, 'My Little Old Boy', which aired on the 11th, recorded a rating of 3.5% for 2049 people, 12.7% for households in the metropolitan area, and a maximum viewer rating of 15.9% per minute.

On this day's broadcast, Lim Won-hee, Jung Seok-yong, and Lee Sang-min met makeup artist Risabae and tried to transform themselves. Im Won-hee and Jeong Seok-yong, who met Risabae, who is famous for being able to embody the faces of famous celebrities such as IU and Kim Seo-hyung with makeup, embarrassed Risabae by answering Zico and Kang Dong-won, respectively, when asked what kind of person they want to transform into.

Jeong Seok-yong, who was pleased with Risabae's kindness in finding a corner that resembled Kang Dong-won, shrugged, "I think I'm the same as Kang Dong-won when it comes to lips?" Satisfied with his transformed appearance, Jung Seok-yong could not take his eyes off the mirror. At the same time, he uttered, "I wonder why good-looking actors often look in the mirror, so there's a reason," causing a big laugh.

When asked why he wanted to become Zico, Lim Won-hee, who started transforming, replied, "I want to have a hip charm that I don't have, even for a moment." However, when the makeup on the forehead was removed to attach face tape to reproduce Zico's straight eyebrows, the red skin of Lim Won-hee, who had become stronger from a hangover, was clearly revealed, and everyone who saw it couldn't stop laughing. The close-up of Lim Won-hee's face in the middle of her forehead, which seemed to be cupped, took the best minute with the highest viewership rating of 15.9%.

Jeong Seok-yong and Lee Sang-min couldn't keep their mouths shut when they saw Im Won-hee who appeared after putting on makeup and changing clothes. The mother Bengers also showed a surprised reaction to the transformation of Im Won-hee, who has more of an idol feel than expected. Satisfied with the transformation, Lim Won-hee, 'Ji(Chin)ko', made the studio a sea of laughter by showing off her exciting dance moves.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google