Everything from Bvgirl's first confession, rumors of discord, to 1/N settlement
Everything from Bvgirl's first confession, rumors of discord, to 1/N settlement
Girl group Brave Girls announces a new start as Brave Girls on SBS' 'Strong Heart League'.

In 'Strong Heart League', which will be broadcast on the 13th, all of the Brave Girls (former Brave Girls), who became national stars by achieving a reverse running myth four years later with the song 'Rollin' released in 2017, will appear.

Brave Girls will make their first sortie in the 'Strong Heart League' under a new team name under their new agency. It is said that it was the first time to say hello as a Bvg girl, so she was a bit nervous and showed off each battle greeting in an offbeat manner, making the studio a sea of laughter.

Bove Girl confessed that they had decided to disband despite the opportunity they were given again by running backwards, making the studio agitated. Through the unstoppable questions posed by senior singer Lee Ji-hye, who had a similar experience, they were able to arouse sympathy and at the same time hear cool answers.

In particular, member Yujeong mentioned an anecdote about raising objections to the 1/N settlement system. It is said that he surprised everyone by revealing the members' reaction honestly. In addition, it is known that the settlement money obtained from the popularity of the song 'Rolin', which runs backwards, was revealed without any concealment in the recording on this day, raising expectations.

Leader Minyoung opened her mouth, "I'm telling you here for the first time," and first confessed her feelings for the members who were thinking of disbanding. It surprised everyone by revealing that it was Yoo-jung who had been thinking about the reunion until the end. Yoo-jung revealed the reason for her hesitation to return to the team and shed tears as she confided in her heart that she had never told the members.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google