Son Ho-jun left a note of support for Gong Seung-yeon in his suicide note
Son Ho-jun left a note of support for Gong Seung-yeon in his suicide note
Kim Rae-won revealed that the killer of the pressure cooker explosion was the father of his little partner.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 20th, episode 6 of the Friday-Saturday SBS drama 'Police next to the Fire Station and National Forensic Service', which aired the previous day, recorded 6.0% in the metropolitan area, 6.1% nationwide, and 7.7% at the moment, based on Nielsen Korea. The 2049 audience rating accounted for 2.3%.

On this day's broadcast, Song Seol (played by Gong Seung-yeon) found a message of support for himself in the will of Bong Do-jin (played by Son Ho-jun), and opened the door with a scene of reconciliation. First of all, Room 202 Kim Young-joo, whose fingerprints came out from the interfloor noise-revenge speaker, harbored a grudge against Soon-bok Yong (played by Jung-min Hwang) when he publicly shamed Yong Soon-bok (played by Jung-min Hwang) for illegally dumping trash. I turned on multiple speakers for interfloor noise, but I couldn't recognize the picture of the pressure cooker at all, so I was excluded from the line of suspicion.

Jin Ho-gae (played by Kim Rae-won), who has not let go of the suspicion of the murder when it is no longer easy to identify the suspect, visits Kang Do-ha (played by Oh Eui-sik), who judges the case to be an accidental death caused by a pressure cooker explosion, and emphasizes the missing pressure weight, provoking the pressure cooker to explode artificially. I requested an appraisal to see if it could be done. And when he saw the burglar Jinhogae resolutely go out, saying, "The moment I give up, the culprit won't sleep with his legs stretched out. My personality is like a dog, so I can't look at that." He's a very problematic person.

In particular, when a man who lived in room 202 came to Gong Myeong-pil (played by Kang Gi-dung) and told him about how Yong Soon-bok had been caught secretly using Wi-Fi in front of his house, Woo Sam-soon (played by Baek Eun-hye), who heard this, gave him hope by saying that it was possible to track him down. Later, Jin Ho-gae and Gong Myeong-pil, who visited the National Forensic Service, watched the reconstruction experiment of the pressure cooker explosion to find out if it was an artificial explosion by blocking the nozzle of the pressure weight in various ways. revealed and was astonished.
Son Ho-jun left a note of support for Gong Seung-yeon in his suicide note
Son Ho-jun left a note of support for Gong Seung-yeon in his suicide note
The object blocking the burglary pressure weight is a material with more strength than wire, and he emphasized, "That means someone artificially put a wire-like material in the pressure weight." Jin Ho-gae, who said, "You bastard," raised tension by resolutely declaring, "I'll correct it now. The victim, Yong Soon-bok, the cause of death is the same. The type of death was a murder disguised as an accidental death."

Woo Sam-soon, who had previously checked Yong Soon-bok's Internet usage history, was shocked to see that Yong Soon-bok was selling female college students' panties in the second-hand trading site sales request, but he guessed that there might be a hint in Yong Soon-bok's usual recklessness, and something unpleasant happened. I headed to the management office of Chundong Villa to find out if it was there. Woo Sam-soon and Gong Myung-pil compare the theft report details with the residents' ledger to find the female college student whose underwear was stolen. In addition, Gong Myung-pil is embarrassed to find out that the culprit is Mr. Kim (played by Dong-soo Kim), a former manager of Chun-dong Villa, who quit a while ago. ended up

On the other hand, Jin Ho-gae heard that all the DNA of the residents of Chundong Villa, collected while meticulously taking care of PET bottles in Yoojeong (played by Ahn Se-bin) and the recycling dump, did not match the cat killer. Rather, the DNA detected in the unmarked yogurt bottle was the cat killer DNA I was overcome with anxiety when I noticed that Yoo-jung was the culprit's 'daughter'. In the meantime, Mr. Kim fed soup with antifreeze to Yoo-Jung, who came home, and at this time, the police arrived at Yoo-Jung's house and arrested Mr. Kim. Jinhogae roared, "Call an ambulance! Hurry up" at the critical condition of the collapsed oil well, and when he saw Songseol returned from the ambulance, he stiffened for a moment, but when Songseol performed an ambulance as loudly as before, he took the well without a word.

In Mr. Kim's house, women's underwear hidden by Mr. Kim, Yong Soon-bok's cell phone, and the pressure weight used in the crime were found. Mr. Kim suffered from gambling debts and sold women's underwear to make pocket money. did. Then, Jinho-gae, who was enraged, said, "Don't be hypocritical. You bastard. He's just an attempted murderer of your children. If Yoo-jeong doesn't wake up, he'll never see the sunlight again," and Kim was imprisoned.

On the other hand, when Yoo-jeong woke up in the hospital and asked, "The bad person you were looking for... was that my dad?", Jinhogae comforted her by holding back her tears and hugging her warmly, saying, "Yoo-jeong doesn't have to understand everything right now." . Moreover, Jin Ho-gae, who stepped aside when the welfare workers arrived, greeted him brightly, saying, “Thank you, partner!”

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google