Junho Lee, Syndrome Maker
Junho Lee, Syndrome Maker
Group 2PM member and actor Lee Jun-ho succeeded in hitting consecutive hits.

Lee Jun-ho took on the role of salvation in the JTBC Saturday drama 'King the Land', which ended on the 6th, and played a big role in sweeping various topical indicators and Netflix's global rankings. Lee Jun-ho, who has been on the box office success since his previous work 'Red Sleeves', showed an irreplaceable presence in consecutive hits until 'King the Land'.

The fact that Lee Jun-ho was able to record consecutive home runs from 'Red Sleeves' to 'King the Land' was due to Lee Jun-ho's delicate interpretation of the work and character. In the play, Gu-won, who has a tough personality, made viewers' hearts throb every weekend night by depicting in detail the process of going straight after falling in love. The words and actions of Gu Guo, who approaches the person he likes, doubled the excitement with the friendly energy unique to Lee Jun-ho.

In addition, Lee Jun-ho gave a three-dimensional performance by giving his own expression rules to each person's joys and sorrows. His sister Hwa-ran Koo (played by Seon-young Kim), who is competing for the management rights of the King Group, creates tension with her cool eyes, while controlling the breathing of the ambassador during the 100th anniversary celebration of the King Hotel or the presentation scene, capturing attention at once. Among them, the scene in which she sobbed while holding her breath for her missing mother, Han Mi-so (played by Nam Gi-ae), made the hearts of the viewers choke.

With this, Lee Joon-ho added the romantic comedy genre to his filmography with 'King the Land', showing a wide genre spectrum from romantic comedy to historical dramas, melodramas, and courtroom dramas. The next move of Lee Jun-ho, who leads the flow of the drama with unique character interpretation for each work he undertakes, is more anticipated.

In order to play the salvation character in 'King the Land', Lee Jun-ho made every effort not to miss a single button, from changing his physique to the color of his costume. In order to bring out the characteristics of the 3rd-generation conglomerate character who often wears a three-piece suit, the physique was developed while adding detailed settings such as changing the color of the shirt according to the change of the character's emotions to increase immersion.

Lee Jun-ho's effort to build a character could be glimpsed in the previous work. In 'Confession', in order to empathize with the lawyer character who is accustomed to using difficult legal terms, he devoted himself to vocalization and pronunciation practice. In 'Red Sleeves', he practiced using chopsticks with his right hand despite being left-handed for a right-handed character. Efforts stemming from the affection for the character were clearly shown in 'King the Land', and Lee Jun-ho's own salvation character was able to be born.

Thanks to his passionate acting, Lee Jun-ho has been at the top of various indicators since the first broadcast of 'King the Land', including the TV-OTT integrated topical ranking, brand reputation index, and Netflix global top 10 ranking, solidifying his position as a global trend. In the TV-OTT part drama cast's topical ranking announced by Good Data Corporation's FUNdex, it held first place for 7 consecutive weeks (as of August 7), and 'King the Land' was also TV-OTT for 8 weeks after its first broadcast. OTT integration maintained the top spot. In the Netflix global TOP 10, it also ranked first in the TV (non-English) category three times, and has been in the top 10 for 8 consecutive weeks (based on July 31-August 6 counting), enjoying popularity beyond borders.

In addition, in the play, the floral apron that Gu-gu wore while cutting onions along Cheonsang (played by Yoona Lim)'s grandmother Cha Soon-hee (played by Kim Yeong-ok) sold out in an instant, earning him a new modifier, the apron complete man. All the costumes and props that Lee Jun-ho wears in the work have become a hot topic, adding to the fun of seeing them. This made me guess that Lee Jun-ho's influence, which draws attention to the play just by his presence, is spreading widely regardless of national borders.

Attention is focusing on what the next step of Lee Jun-ho, a syndrome maker who has fascinated the world beyond Korea with his topicality, acting skills, and box office power.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google