Darkness revealed... Lee Seong-min, the identity of Geumjeonghoe found in the past
Darkness revealed... Lee Seong-min, the identity of Geumjeonghoe found in the past
In the 5th and 6th episodes of Disney+'s 'Criminal Record Season 2', the end at the center of the conspiracy surrounding Geumohsi was revealed.

In episode 5, Choi Do-hyeong (Jeong Jin-yeong), who is about to enter the political world, is in danger after being attacked by Won Jae-goo (Jung In-ki), the chief prosecutor. As if giving up everything, he asked Yeon Yeon-hyeon (Kim Shin-rok) to protect the children of the foundation, which aroused curiosity about what would happen in front of him.

However, in the 6th episode that was released, Choi Do-hyeong's 180 degree different appearance was revealed, giving the story an unpredictable twist. It turns out that Baek Seong-il (played by Jung Hae-kyun), whom Kim Taek-rok (played by Lee Seong-min) was closely watching, was Choi Do-hyeong's person, not Lee Yeong-ho (played by Joo Jin-mo).

Lee Young-ho, who tried to drown Choi Do-hyung, was also badly hurt. The scene where it was revealed that all of this was part of the big picture drawn by Choi Do-hyung added shock to shock. The scene where Choi Do-hyung overturns the game in an instant and visits and threatens Lee Young-ho, who threatened him, heightened the tension enough to be considered the best scene in episode 6.

The appearance of 'Taek-rok', which is one step closer to all the truth, raises curiosity about the story that will unfold in the future. Do-hyeong Choi said, "Either stop here. It's all in the past. Do you really want to see the end?"

Finally, Kim Taek-rok faces 'Jin-seok', who left him with an unforgettable scar, and in a conversation with him, he realizes that the identity of Geum-jeong-hoe was in his past. Curiosity is rising about the remaining rounds in an unpredictable reversal of how Kim Taek-rok, who finally figured out all the identities, will capture those who were former colleagues.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google