Rookie Park Yoo-rim, self-written profile revealed
Rookie Park Yoo-rim, self-written profile revealed
Rookie Park Ye-rim, who is appearing in the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Miracle Brothers', has revealed his profile.

According to BH Entertainment on the 21st, Park Yoo-rim's interview video was released through the agency's official YouTube channel. Park Yoo-rim plays the role of Park Hyeon-soo, a detective with sharp insight in 'Brothers of Miracles'. He is slowly approaching new clues with his tenacious concentration on the case, holding the key to the play and pulling it out.

In the released video, Park Yu-rim not only honestly talked about his current situation, hobbies, and travel, but also showed his extraordinary affection for the first lead role, 'Miracle Brothers' and Park Hyun-soo's character.

Park Yoo-rim said, "I think of 'Miracle Brothers' all day long. I also monitor my acting, and I am curious about the reaction of viewers, so I keep looking for it."

In addition, when asked about Hyeon-su's MBTI in the play, Park Yu-rim guessed that he might have changed from an extrovert to an introvert after the incident of a fellow detective who shook Hyeon-su's life upside down in 'Miracle Brothers'. Park Yu-rim, who always carries a diary, is a must-have item for Hyun-su, and recalls the incident notes and shows the aspect of Hyun-su synchronization.

Park Yoo-rim, who revealed that he enjoys listening to rock music, said, "I think Hyeon-soo must be stressed out while solving the case. I want to put rock music in his ears that can relieve it."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google