Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-ah 'King the Land', Jung Seung-hwan and Kyung-seo are fantastic OST restaurants
Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-ah 'King the Land', Jung Seung-hwan and Kyung-seo are fantastic OST restaurants
The 'King the Land' OST adds to the sense of immersion in the scene by capturing the emotions of the characters in the play.

JTBC's Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land', which airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm, draws a fantastic harmony of Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-ah's passionate acting, music, and visual beauty, drawing viewers into the play. The romance and music of the characters in the work match, making you naturally empathize.

In episode 5, Jeong Seung-hwan's 'I'll reach you', which flowed over Gu-gu (played by Lee Jun-ho) and Cheon-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah), who were sharing warmth under the cold rain, made the emotional lines of the characters stand out even more. Gu-won came all the way to the King Hotel in search of traces of his lost mother, but in the end he couldn't get any clues, and Cheon-rang was numbing the pain of the loss of the relationship he was holding on to alone.

Guo-won, who encountered such an angel, silently covered her with an umbrella while hiding her wounds, making her heart thump. The tension of the two people, the sound of raindrops that comfort in the silence, and the lyrics that seem to represent the heart of salvation gradually seeping into the angel who met like a coincidence on top of it met and left a deep afterglow.

The moment salvation and love of angels met, HYNN's 'You are mine', which flowed out, maximized the overwhelming emotions. Previously, Guo-won decided to convey his feelings directly as his feelings for Cheon-rang deepened. They prepared a restaurant only for Cheonrang, but the sprinklers exploded due to an unexpected accident, and the two stood close together to avoid the stream of water.

Guo-won and Cheon-rang, who had awkwardly made eye contact at the distance where even the sound of breathing could reach, confirmed each other's feelings and carefully kissed each other. The romantic kiss and uplifting music of those who finally came to know each other through countless coincidences made the heart beat, foreshadowing the beginning of full-fledged love between Salvation and Angel.

While Gu-gu and Cheon-rang made precious memories on their first overseas trip after becoming lovers, the music flowing over them doubled the excitement of the trip to the viewers. Lim Kim's 'Confess To You' conveys the joy of bouncing with friends, while Gyeongseo's 'Everyday With You' gives the gift of excitement when making memories for just the two of them.

The music combined with the happy laughter of Gu-gu and Cheon-rang doubled the fuzzy atmosphere between the two. The lyrics, which contain the sincerity of redemption and love of angels who want to be with each other for the rest of their lives, inject refreshing energy into the hearts of the viewers and make them look forward to a sweet romance between the two.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google