Shinji "I want to borrow your voice"
Shinji "I want to borrow your voice"
'Shocking Night' announced the start of the dance audition with a stage that captured both fun and emotion from the first episode.

In MBN's new entertainment show, 'Korea's Only Time-Song Song Festival, Shocking Night (hereinafter referred to as 'Shocking Night')', which was first broadcast on the 21st, applicants recreated the stage of the golden age of the music industry from the early 1990s to the 2000s.

The first confrontation of round 1 was between Freepass and Gunzo Crew. Formed after 8 idol debuts, the Freepass members each had their own pain. Holding on to their last hope, they challenged the stage of 'Shocking Night'. Freepass drew an enthusiastic response by remixing Taesaja's 'Do' and Sechs Kies' 'Road to a Man'. The choreography that was popular in the late 1990s showed excellent teamwork.

Gunzo Crew, who faced Freepass, was a team centered on Gunzo. Gunjo, Bae Chan-il, Byun Ji-hye, and Sun-el captured attention with their solid teamwork, just like watching Lula in the past. They selected Uptown's 'See You Again' and Lula's 'Angel Without Wings'. Sun-L aroused admiration with his perfect live skills that overwhelm the judges and the audience.

The confrontation was Gunzo Crew's victory. Lee Sang-min said, "It was such an amazing skill that I wanted to see it up close." In particular, Yoon Il-sang praised him, saying, "Seon-el gave Lee Sang-min a bold hand gesture and expressed his confidence, which gave me goosebumps."

In the second match of the first round, Slush and two years old competed. Slush released the stages of Koyote's 'Dream' and Diva's 'Why Call Me'. In particular, Slush's Oh Min-young was surprised by her voice that matched Shinji's timbre. After Slush's stage, Shinji said, "It's similar to my voice as a taekseong person." Leeteuk said, "They looked the weakest when they first appeared, but the moment Oh Min-young's vocals came out, I felt that they were a really strong team."

The two-year-old facing each other selected Hong Kyung-min's 'Take It' and Baek Ji-young's 'Dash', showing both powerful charm and sexiness at the same time. The colorful stage also led the judges' hearts, but in the end, they were eliminated in the first round, and Slushy advanced to the second round.

The third confrontation took place between the male duo, the general's son, and the female duo, Sister Kwon. The general's son chose Clone's 'Kungdari Shabara' and JoyD's '9 To 5' to heat up the atmosphere of 'Shocking Night' even more.

The Kwon sisters then released the stages of Jinju's 'I'm OK' and Tashani's 'Warning'. Kwon Ah-young, who is the older sister and vocalist in Sister Kwon, surprised the judges with her powerful voice from the start. Kwon Min-young, who is also her younger sister and is in charge of dancing, also captivated the hearts of the judges and the audience with her unusual skills. As soon as they appeared, they became strong candidates for the championship and advanced to the second round, beating the general's son.

At the end of the 1st round, High Cut and Botox were performed. High Cutie showed Psy's 'Champion' and Vivi's 'Heaven, Land, Stars'. He captured the judges' attention with his powerful energy and liveliness. On the other hand, Botox selected Kim Hyun-jung's 'Goodbye with her' and So Chan-hui's 'Tears', showing off their seasoned stage manners and perfect singing skills. In response, Shinji praised, "I want to borrow your voice," saying, "I am the most suitable performer for 'Shocking Night'."

Jeon Hye-seon, a member of Botox who advanced to the second round, cried and confessed, "I've been doing musicals for 16 years, and I really wanted to do a song. I came up on that stage for the first time at the age of 46. The challenge itself was a fight for me."

High Cutie was eliminated in the first round, but succeeded in advancing to the second round thanks to Tak Jae-hun's shocking pass. The shocking pass can advance to the next round regardless of the result. Regarding the reason for using the shocking pass, Tak Jae-hoon said, "I'm sorry. I misunderstood when I was trying to bring my phone."

Afterwards, Tak Jae-hoon explained, "I think I've worked very hard for 10 years. Perhaps, they may or may not come to a stage like this often," and explained, "I personally wanted to see the next stage more."

'Shocking Night', which was full of excitement from the first episode, captured both emotion and fun, and made people look forward to the next episode. It announced the birth of an audition program that unites all applicants, judges who enjoy the stage and give warm comments, and audience members who enjoy the atmosphere of the scene.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google