Kim Jong-min and Baekga "Shinji, leaving Koyote after marriage? I'll let you go coolly"
Kim Jong-min and Baekga "Shinji, leaving Koyote after marriage? I'll let you go coolly"
Kim Jong-min and Baek-ga actively support Koyote's Hong Il-jeom Shinji's marriage.

On the 217th episode of KBS2's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears', which airs on the 23rd, Koyote Kim Jong-min, Shinji, and Baekga have an open-hearted conversation, saying, "If one of us announces that we will leave Koyote at the same time as we get married."

Kim Jong-min said, "Baekga and I (if this situation came before) said that we would be doing Koyote activities, but it would be difficult for Shinji to do it", worried about Shinji's marriage and childcare problems.

Along with this, Kim Jong-min said, "(even if Shinji leaves Koyote at the same time as marriage), he will understand" and "Shinji's happiness comes first, I hope Koyote doesn't come first." Baekga also expressed his affection for Shinji, saying, "I feel the same way as you. Shinji's happiness comes first." You can get a glimpse of the loyalty of Kim Jong-min and Baekga, who actively supported Shinji's marriage, saying, "I will send it to you coolly."

In particular, Kim Jong-min worries about the unemployment (?) that will happen due to Shinji's departure from Koyote, making the studio a sea of laughter. Kim Jong-min reduced his words, saying, "Even if our jobs are gone." In response, Shinji suggested forming a unit with Kim Jong-min and Baekga, saying, "I did it with Baekga when my brother was not around, and when I didn't have Baekga, I did it with my brother."

Kim Jong-min and Baek-ga are surprised and embarrassed by Shinji's unexpected proposal. While the two declared that Koyote's activities would be impossible without Shinji, "What are you doing with him?" and "What are you two doing?" Rumor has it that he actively supported the two's unit activities.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google