First broadcast D-DAY 'Doll Singles 4'
First broadcast D-DAY 'Doll Singles 4'
MBN's 'Doll Singles 4 IN USA' takes off the veil.

First broadcast on the 23rd, 'Dolsingles 4' is a real love entertainment show that captures the love and cohabitation of men and women who come to the Dolsing House in search of new love. Following seasons 1 to 3, this season opens a dolsing house in Cancun, Mexico, the mecca of honeymoon, to declare unstoppable love dive of dolsing men and women from the United States. In this regard, the production team of 'Doll Singles 4' and 5 MCs Lee Hye-young, Yoo Se-yoon, Lee Ji-hye, Eun Ji-won, and Austin Kang revealed points to watch.

A peek at the worldview of Koreans in the United States

As the cast members of this 'Doll Singles 4' live in the United States, they went through four interviews with the production team, and it took the longest time for them to join the program, including face-to-face interviews with the production team in the United States. They show a cool side, saying, "The best thing in life is marriage, and the second best thing is divorce," while maintaining a good relationship with an ex-spouse, and having an active image of overcoming trauma, attracting attention.

The production team said, “Since they live in the United States and have experienced various cultures, you will be able to feel that the way they think and date is clearly different from before. You can expect a more direct and hot meeting scene.” Lee Hye-young, MC of 'Dolsing Godmother', also hinted, "Through season 4, the thoughts and life process of Korean Americans who have only imagined will be revealed without adding or subtracting."

Confidence and seeing → strong new wind

'Godmother of dolsing' Lee Hye-young, 'professional immersive' Yoo Se-yoon and Lee Ji-hye add flavor to the dating stories of dolsing men and women with their trustworthy wits that they showed in seasons 1-3. He sympathizes with the life history of single men and women and their sincerity toward new love more than anyone else, and spares no advice.

Eun Ji-won and Austin Kang, who have newly joined here, are also expected to blow a strong new wind by continuing to interfere in the right place. Eun Ji-won, in particular, freely confesses her experience of 'dolsing 12 years' and naturally blends into the dolsing men and women, and Austin Kang, who has lived in the United States for a long time and understands their values best, plays the role of an American cultural interpreter.

5MC said, "Whether you live in the United States or Korea, the feeling of love is very subtle." "I hope that the single men and women who have overcome the pain of divorce and made a new start will be even happier."

Predicting the level of skinship with the highest level of difficulty ever

The training period at Dolsing House, which was prepared in a mansion in Cancun, Mexico, increased by one day from 6 days and 5 nights in season 3 to 7 days and 6 nights. In addition, since the American dolsing men and women who have settled in a strange land have been eager to remarry more than anyone else, they have participated in 'Dol Singles 4', so they flirt without hesitation from the first day. During this process, the highest level of skinship ever poured out, and the admiration of the MCs burst out, saying, "The standard for expressing affection is different" and "The difficulty is definitely high."

The production team said, "In the multi-faceted relationship that is indispensable in Dolsing House, a whirlwind of passionate love unfolds, including intense arguments and collapsing emotions, and the spicy romance that does not know where it is going will rob the gaze without rest." Lee Hye-young said, “It is surprising that all the cast members are appealing their charms every moment.” “It is fun that this season is not expected at all. It would be good if you focus on the emotions of each cast member.”

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google