“Don’t live like that,” astonished by salty Kim Jong-guk
“Don’t live like that,” astonished by salty Kim Jong-guk
In SBS 'My Little Old Boy', the story of the sons of the ugly bird who visited the unstoppable fact bomber, the original 'Sen sister', is revealed.

On this day, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jong-guk, and Kim Jong-min visited an unfamiliar place with nervous faces and aroused curiosity. They went to meet Seonwoo Yong-yeo, Jeon Jeon-joo, Lee Gyeong-sil, and Kim Ji-sun, who are the protagonists of the national entertainment show 'Three Wheels' and are called the original 'Zoom Crush'.

Seeing the four older sisters gathered at Seonwoo Yong-yeo's house for the first time in a while, the mother-vengers couldn't hide their joy either. In particular, everyone in the studio could not hide their anticipation at the unprecedented meeting between Jeon Jeon-joo, the "sweetie godmother" and Kim Jong-kook, the "sweetie king," which finally took place.

Then, when the older sisters started nagging and bombarding the disliked sons, saying, “Come on, get married,” Lee Sang-min said, “Jong-guk is the biggest problem. It seems that he is not getting married because he is afraid that the money he has earned will leak.” Kim Jong-min, who was next to him, also revealed Kim Jong-guk's unique philosophy of saving toilet paper and continued the exposure of Kim Jong-guk.

In the midst of the storm nagging, "don't live like that," the older sisters who were shocked by the anecdote of the salty idol in the end revealed in detail, only Jeon Jeon-joo, the 'sweet godmother', raised her thumb and smiled happily at the scene. made with When Kim Jong-guk's terrible saving anecdote, which even checked the opening time of the refrigerator, was revealed, the Jeonju, who could not control his joy, hugged Jong-kook.

In addition, Jeon Jeon-joo revealed an episode in which he paid a large sum of money for a dinner for the first time in the life of 'Jjansuni'. When Jeon Won-joo revealed that he repeated this action during the dinner party, the scene was devastated. After a long time, the sons of Miwoosae reenacted the representative corner of 'Three Wheels', 'The Art of Fighting', in which two people improvised a situational play on a theme.

In the confrontation between husband Kim Jong-guk, who only wants to turn on the fan in the hot summer weather, and Seonwoo-yong-yeo, his wife, who wants to turn on the air conditioner, Kim Jong-guk was knocked down by Seonwoo Yong-yeo's '79 gold attack', which made a big laugh.

Then, in the pastoral confrontation between the prospective son-in-law Lee Sang-min who asks for a daughter with a debt of 800 million won and the prospective mother-in-law who cannot give a daughter to the debtor, a rare scene was created where everyone collapses because of the pastoralism bomb remark.
Broadcast at 9:05 on Sunday night.
Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google