Satire "I'm close with my ex-boyfriend's sister"
Satire "I'm close with my ex-boyfriend's sister"
What is the best ex-boyfriend episode that caused Han Hye-jin's pupil earthquake?

On the 26th, U+ Mobile TV's original entertainment show 'Trust and Talk - Let's Be Comfortable' introduces the story of 'an older brother who treats his brother with his ex-boyfriend', in which the opinions of MCs and special guests Kwak Beom and Kwon Hyuk-soo were polar opposite.

Uhm Ji-yoon, who was worried that she was uncomfortable because her ex-boyfriend and her brother, who broke up a year ago, are living as best friends, said, “The storyteller is too selfish,” and rather took the side of her brother in the story. When he showed a reaction that he couldn't understand, worrying that he would come to mind, Kwak Beom and Kwon Hyuk-soo joined in to actively represent his brother's position and spread a bloody shield.

In the meantime, when Satire revealed that "I am also close with my ex-boyfriend and sister," Han Hye-jin, who received culture shock, later heard Satire and Lalal's transcendent, point-and-shoot ex-boyfriend episode, saying, "The world is going back cool," and went into a runaway. I am curious about whether this would have unfolded.

On the other hand, when Han Hye-jin, who had been worried that her friend who was 'conceptual' didn't want to look like her, was confused because she didn't know the newly coined word, Uhm Ji-yoon explained 'GD disease', 'IU disease', and 'Zico disease' as examples, and Kwon Hyuk-soo It is said that 'Han Hye-jin's disease' was expressed with the whole body.

In response, Han Hye-jin also challenged the acting of Han Hye-jin, who was caught and eaten by 'concept quality', and attention is focused on this broadcast, which will give a big laugh with a suicide bombing show.

The story of the ex-boyfriend and older brother who became best friends who called Han Hye-jin's pupil earthquake can be found on U+ Mobile TV's 'Let's Be My Comfort' on the 26th at 0:00. can meet with

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google