IU "New Jeans Hyein was born in 2008?... It's my debut year"
IU "New Jeans Hyein was born in 2008?... It's my debut year"
Group New Jeans met singer IU and showed their fan spirit.

On the 24th, a video titled '[IU's Palette] New Jeans' Color Switch (With New Jeans) Ep.21' was uploaded on the YouTube channel 'Now IU Official'.

In the released video, IU said, "Today is the 21st recording, and this is the first time I've been so excited and reminded of the scene. I'm also very excited."

The New Jeans members were also excited. Hyein said, “I usually listen to senior IU’s songs a lot, and on the way home, I listened to ‘Love Poem’ in the car.” Daniel said, “I really want to dance with you.”

IU also revealed her affection for her juniors, saying, "I loved Hani's cover of 'Night Letter' in the past, so I watched it several times."

They even talk about bread. Hyein said, "I like serious bread. Since I was little, I ate a lot of sausage bread. I'm still in middle school, so I'm still young," which brought out a smile.

Hearing this, IU said, "I debuted in 2008, but Hyein was born in 2008, so I was surprised. I also went to a broadcasting station and heard, 'Is a middle school student debuting?'".

"At the time, when I went to broadcasting stations or schedules, everyone was surprised to hear that a middle school student debuted, but isn't Hyein listening to what I heard? I debuted at the age of 16, but Hyein debuted at the age of 15, so I thought more Debuting at a young age," he said.

In addition, IU asked Hyein what she thought of hearing the word 'young'. Hyein said, "I don't hate (the word young). It's different for each situation."

New Jeans released their 2nd mini album 'Get Up'. This album consists of a total of three title songs. 'Super Shy', which was first released on the 7th, ranked 4th on Spotify Global Daily Top Songs on the 21st (local time).

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google