Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-a, the perfect lover
Lee Jun-ho, Im Yoon-a, the perfect lover
The lovely sincerity of Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-a leaves a sweet aftertaste in the hearts of viewers.

JTBC's Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land' thrills viewers every moment with the words and eyes full of affection between Gu-gu (Lee Jun-ho) and Cheon-rang (Im Yoon-ah). In response, we looked at the decisive moments that awakened everyone's love cells with sincerity.

Episode 7 Salvation, heart fluttering with a real smile that comes from a loving heart

Guwon was traumatized by fake laughter due to memories of his mother who suddenly disappeared when he was young. As the bright smile of such salvation gradually permeated the beautiful hotelier Cheon-Rang, the hard corners of his lips began to rise gradually. In particular, Gu-won, who received a special lecture from Cheon-rang, made his heart throb with a soft smile like honey dripping with a feeling of liking for her. In the question "Does my sincerity work?" added above the coy eyes of salvation, I could feel his affectionate heart for Cheonrang.

Episode 10 Sweet and heartfelt confession of salvation and angel love

Ku-won and Cheon-rang, who went on their first trip to Thailand with their friends, avoided people and had time only for the two of them. While the full moon and beautiful scenery raised the romantic energy to the fullest, he expressed his gratitude to the person who appeared in front of him like a gift and gave him comfort and courage, saying "Thank you for coming to me." Intoxicated with sweet happiness like a dream, the two gave a heartfelt trembling by exchanging kisses and a heartfelt confession of "I love you".

Episode 12 The Meaning of Salvation Defined with Angels, Firm Faith and Affection

Angelang had to live without being greedy because he thought that his greed would take away precious things. For Angelang, who has always struggled to maintain a relationship alone, salvation is about relationships.
It was a special existence that gave trust and affection instead of anxiety and sadness.

To that extent, Cheonrang showed his firm faith by defining the meaning of salvation to his friends as "He is the person I hoped for. He does not make me anxious or make me sad." I could feel the deep love for Salvation in the sincerity that Cheonrang, who only followed Salvation's straight line but did not approach first, confessed for the first time.

Episode 14 A sample of perfect lovers who worry about each other before themselves

The time when they were happy like a dream was short-lived, but an unexpected crisis struck in the relationship between Salvation and the angel. Due to the scandalous article, the love between Gu-won and Cheon-rang was revealed to the whole world. As the news of a love affair between a third-generation conglomerate and an ordinary person is expected to have a huge impact, Angelang worried about salvation and expressed his unchanging heart, saying, "You are the person I love the most." Guo-gu also comforted Angel by saying that he would run to him whenever he was called. Even in the midst of a crisis, Guo-won and Cheon-rang created warmth as perfect lovers who cared for others before themselves.

In the 14th episode of 'King the Land', Gu Il-hun (played by Son Byeong-ho) instructed Gu Il-hoon (played by Son Byeong-ho) to keep him away, and it was a pity. Unlike usual, when the conflict was resolved through conversation, Cheonrang hid the news of his appointment from Gu-so, so I wonder if the distance between the two can be narrowed again. As such, 'King the Land' is a place that leaves a deep afterimage in the hearts of viewers with salvation containing sincere love and a sweet word from Angela. There are only about 2 episodes left until the ending.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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