Ahn Seong-hoon, the first mansion he bought with a prize of 500 million won
Ahn Seong-hoon, the first mansion he bought with a prize of 500 million won
The inside of the house prepared by singer Ahn Seong-hoon with a prize of 500 million won will be revealed for the first time.

In TV Chosun's 'Tralala Brothers', which airs on the 2nd, the 4 members of the Pong team (Ahn Seong-hoon, Park Ji-hyun, Choi Soo-ho, and Yoon Jun-hyeop) visit Ahn Seong-hoon's Anseong house. This is the house that Ahn Seong-hoon bought for his parents with the prize money of 500 million won he received for winning Mr. Trot 2. Ahn Seong-hoon's house full of love, and the conversation between the four members of the Pong team is expected to give great pleasure.

On this day, Ahn Seong-hoon takes his younger siblings and drives himself to find Anseong's house. Ahn Seong-hoon placards are plastered on every street corner on the way home, drawing attention. The younger brothers envy Ahn Seong-hoon, saying, "It's like a tourist destination." Ahn Seong-hun's parents welcome the four members of the Pong team that arrived like that with bright smiles.

Ahn Seong-hoon then takes his younger siblings into the house. The interior of the house, which was not previously disclosed due to interior construction, will be revealed for the first time. After passing through the living room where the sunlight came in through the window, the members entered the terrace specially prepared by Ahn Seong-hoon for fans. Ahn Seong-hoon says that he has prepared this space so that fans who visit his house can drink tea together and have a conversation.

On the other hand, the space on the second floor where everything in Ahn Seong-hoon's song life remains, from when he was a baby to becoming 'Mr. Trot 2', also attracts attention. The younger brothers show their respect for the numerous trophies and medals Ahn Sung-hoon received for his singing. Not only that, but I also admire the love of Ahn Seong-hoon's parents who have kept all of this.

Unexpected objects are captured in this place, which is similar to the Ahn Seong-hun Museum. A swimsuit suddenly appears, and an album full of past photos is also found. Among them, 'Tralala Brothers' is turned upside down when Ahn Seong-hoon's middle school graduation photo, which is the most dark history period, is released. In the process, Park Ji-hyun's graduation photo is also known to be revealed in a surprise, adding to the curiosity.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google