Lee Jun-ho, No. 1 topic for 4 consecutive weeks
Lee Jun-ho, No. 1 topic for 4 consecutive weeks
Group 2PM member and actor Lee Jun-ho is showing off his infinite charm regardless of genre.

In the JTBC Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land', which is currently being aired, Lee Jun-ho plays the role of Gu Gu-gu, a confident general manager who captivates not only work and love but also the hearts of employees, completing a full hexagon by showing a wide spectrum of acting. With an attractiveness index that is updated every episode, it took the top spot in the drama cast's topical ranking for 4 weeks in a row (as of July 24). As a result, 'King the Land' also ranked first in Netflix's global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category and is enjoying worldwide popularity.

My heart flutters spontaneously at the affectionate eyes

In the play, salvation is a person who is unfamiliar with love because of his harsh personality that despises fake laughter. The sight of such salvation slowly finding laughter while feeling excitement for someone and falling in love made many people's hearts pound. In particular, Salvation's behavior toward the person he likes harmonized with Lee Jun-ho's unique affectionate gaze, causing the sickness of salvation.

Emotional changes represented by various suit fashions

On the other hand, the suit fashion of the head of the salvation headquarters is also gathering topics every day. It perfectly digests shirt colors that are difficult to digest, such as pink and yellow, while adding fun to viewing as a point accessory. Behind this tight-fitting suit fit of the character of salvation, Lee Jun-ho's delicacy in adding details to the character's emotional changes while growing his physique to complete the outfit shined.

Natural elegance and cuteness

The reversal charm of the salvation character hidden behind the classic suit and innate elegance made viewers fall in love once again. Contrary to his reliable appearance, he was frightened by the gloomy atmosphere, and the appearance of aegyo while shouting "1,000 won" to get carp taffy made people laugh. Lee Jun-ho's skillful acting, which made the given situation more pleasant and enjoyable, was melted in this.

Overcome the steam with cool charisma

Gu-won, who has awakened as the head of the headquarters, is in a fierce battle with his half-sister, Hwa-ran Koo (played by Seon-yeong Kim) over the management rights of the King Group. Salvation's sharp eyes, which put forward a new vision for hotel management, thinking of employees before profit, instilled tension in the inheritance war. Accordingly, Lee Jun-ho formed a tight acting tension with the other actor, adding depth to the character's relationship.

Pain hidden under a perfect appearance

Although Salvation seems so strong, there is always a question about his mother who suddenly disappeared inside him. A violent wave surged in the heart of salvation after hearing from someone who liked the traces of a mother who could not be seen no matter how much he searched. The tears of salvation mixed with various emotions, from longing and sadness, to unknown anger and to the joy of finally finding the way, made the hearts of the viewers choke. Lee Jun-ho's acting, which unravels the complicated heart of salvation in a simple way, maximized the emotions.

Lecture on manners delivered by Gu Gu-gu, the king of consideration

Kuwon has earned the nickname of the Free Pass Award for his exemplary attitude of being considerate of his favorite opponent and being polite to adults. To that extent, Kuwon directly taught table manners to customers who did not observe even basic table etiquette, and offered refreshing cider. It was a moment when Lee Jun-ho's ability to digest lines, which made the rhythm and breathing of the horse taste good, shined.

Like this, thanks to Lee Jun-ho's delicate acting, the attractive spectrum of the salvation character in 'King the Land' is widening day by day. As the play is reaching its climax, Lee Jun-ho's performance, which empowers the narrative of the play and characters with various details, is attracting more attention.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google