Lee Jae-eun The reason why he appeared in a movie that can not be seen by teenagers
Lee Jae-eun The reason why he appeared in a movie that can not be seen by teenagers
Actress Lee Jae-eun mentions the movie 'Yellow Hair', which is prohibited for viewing by young people.

tvN STORY, which airs on the 27th, is alive! In episode 5 of 'I'm Alive', child stars who enjoyed their hot heyday visit the studio, from the original national sister Lee Jae-eun, to the pure idol Lee Geon-joo, and the underdeveloped Kim Seong-eun. Rumor has it that the phrase "child actor reunion" came out to the three people who heated up the studio from the moment they appeared.

Lee Kun-joo, who monopolized the cuteness with the character Sundol in 'One Roof Three Family', draws attention with past videos that contain his cute acting. Hong Hyeon-hee treats Lee Geon-joo, who is actually older than herself, as if she were a younger sister, and apologizes quickly, causing a sea of laughter around her.

Lee Jae-eun, who was seated with a comfortable smile, revealed her current situation, saying, "I am raising an 8-month-old child." A question also appears, "Do you plan to make your daughter a child actress like her mother?" Lee Jae-eun reveals her daughter-in-law's side, saying, "When I point the camera at it, it sparkles and opens its eyes and makes various facial expressions."

Next, the tremendous acting careers of the three people are mentioned. Lee Jae-eun is said to be 38 years old, Lee Kun-joo 37 years, and Kim Seong-eun 26 years old, giving a surprise. It is said that Lee Kun-joo was the original street casting protagonist. Lee Kun-joo recalls, “I started because the director who came to the location hunting accidentally saw me and suggested it.”

Lee Jae-eun said, "I made my debut as a cosmetic advertisement. At the time, Mr. Keum Bora was the main model." "After that, I even filmed an advertisement for an insect repellent. I think I shot 30 to 40 episodes a year," surprising everyone. Not to be outdone by this, Seongeun Kim recalls this popularity. Seongeun Kim, who said that the character's popularity in "Soonpung Obstetrics and Gynecology" swept away CF models, confessed that she bought an apartment at a young age thanks to "there were so many food, drinks, and study materials." It is said that everyone was envious of the confession that "I went to study abroad with that money."

In the midst of this, Lee Kun-joo said that Soon-dol is a character he hates, and he confessed, "I had a very strong image when I was young, so even when I auditioned after that, it didn't go well. I haven't had a job for 5 years." In addition, he revealed that he was worried about plastic surgery, saying, "It was too difficult and my self-esteem fell." He said, "I thought, 'Is my face the problem?' I went to counseling, but the teacher said, 'You know, my face isn't the problem.'"

Kim Sung-eun opens her mouth. Kim Sung-eun comforted Lee Kun-joo, saying, "Don't be upset," and then expressed regret (?) saying, "I've done a lot, but it's the same. This hard work, time, money, and pain."

Lee Jae-eun picks 'Yellow Hair' as a work she loves and hates. "It's a film that gave me honor and took a lot of hard work, but I really didn't want to do it at first," he confesses. In particular, he confesses in surprise, "It was a movie that I had no choice but to do because of family circumstances. The purpose was not pure at first."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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